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NCIS: LA "Angels & Demons" Episode Review

Is Callen really moving on from Joelle or is he sad that they moved on? Not a good idea to spy on your ex or to look into her new boyfriend. It has Sam worried that Callen isn't doing well with that. But this is the first relationship that we know of that Callen has had for a long time, so it might just be affecting him differently.

Their new case was fun. A couple of friends created a daemon. Something that could read personal data if put into a phone. A thing they don't want to get into the wrong hands. It would be a bad idea. Then some people could be in trouble. It actually turned out to be different then I had expected.

Aw poor Eric, he totally wanted in on the excitement and helping out in the field, but he was denied. Poor guy. I felt bad for him. He doesn't totally do well in the field, but that shouldn't be the reason for him to not do it. The more practice you have at it, the better you can get.

It was awesome to have Sam and Callen go undercover. I don't know if we've seen that recently or not. Normally it's Deeks and Kensi who do it. So to have a change up like this, it was nice to see that and it was fun to see them work together again.

I was surprised to learn that it ended up being Austin who the bad guy truly was. I guess that makes sense now. How he was acting with Callen and such, but still, I wasn't expecting him to be the bad guy. In the end, just a fun filler episode. Not much else to say.