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NCIS: LA "Come Back" Episode Review

"We're moving in together!" Now you know that minute that Deeks and Kensi said that, there were trouble waters ahead. Who knew that trouble was going to be Kensi's ex-fiance. Will he cause Kensi to rethink her new relationship status with Deeks? I hope not.

I'm not gonna lie and say I was sad when Jack said he was married and had kids. I actually wanted to jump for joy when he said that. That he moved on from Kensi and found a new life. Now hopefully Kensi and Deeks can have smooth sailing now. Even though both are nervous to take their big step forward as a couple. 

What an odd person for Deeks to confide in. He let it slip out that he's nervous to move in with Kensi. Though that's understandable, I didn't know that either one of them were having a hard time sleeping at night. I guess it's good to know, though, that Kensi still hasn't moved on to what happened to her when she was with Jack. Sure, it took almost a whole season to hear that, but still, it's nice that they didn't just sweep that under the rug. Deeks also has a hard time sleeping and he's worried that's going to scare Kensi away. I'm sure it has to do with the time he was tortured a few seasons back. Guess no one gets over that kind of stuff, but I think they will be good for each other as long as they keep what Jack said, don't push each other away.

For the longest time during this episode, I had a sinking feeling that Jack was actually bad. I felt like he wasn't totally telling the truth on the list and about the phone call. But that's when it all clicked for me and for them. It wasn't Jack's family who called, it was Salib, the man that NCIS was trying to find because he's the one that had the list. Phew, thank goodness he didn't turn out to be after all. That would have been awful. He was just trying to protect his family.

Hetty was always on top of that, though. Sure, she used Jack to get the list so it didn't get into the wrong hands, but she made sure that Jack's family was protected by having a seal team on them the minute Jack left. I wasn't sure what Kensi was going to say to Hetty at the end. She didn't look happy that Hetty used someone like that, but it worked out fine and Hetty did think ahead and have protection on people. Even if it turned out a bit differently, I don't think Kensi should have doubts on Hetty. 

Kensi was finally able to say what she needed to say to Jack. Clear the air and start over with him and then to finally hopefully have a happy new life with Deeks. Not that I don't think she was happy before, but now she doesn't have those feelings inside her anymore. At first when I saw Kensi go to work after the work day was done, I thought she was starting to have second thoughts about her and Deeks' next step, but she was just there to have a few words with Hetty. We haven't totally had a Densi filled episode in a while and for a Densi fan, this was truly amazing. Now can we hear wedding bells in the future for them please? A fan can dream.