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NCIS: LA "Core Values" Episode Review

Loved the fact that for once, Deeks didn't have to be a janitor on their new assignment. However, he would have probably taken the janitor job after knowing that this position is the position that possibly killed a man. Poor guy, he can never seem to have a break can he? I still love it when Kensi and Deeks have to go undercover.

Their new case is when someone gets radiation poising and they have to figure out where and when it exactly happened to make sure it isn't a leak, terrorist threat, etc. You know, just a typical day at the office for our favorite LA police crew.

I do like the fact that they seem to mention Sam's family more often now. It makes me actually remember he has one. They hardly used to mention it before, but it's nice that they've changed it up. Makes Sam seem more friendly. Not that he isn't, but when you first look at him, you don't totally think he'd be a family man. It was sweet that he was helping out his daughter with her homework.

One of the things that has bugged me a little bit, is that we hardly seem to see Hetty lately. It's either on screen or a few minutes at the end after the case is closed. I miss seeing her interact with the case more. Not that I don't totally mind Granger, he's just not my favorite. For the longest time I didn't trust him. Not sure if I still do, but he has grown on me somewhat with those last minute saves he has been doing.

Speaking of that, he did one of those in this episode tonight. Thinking that Sam and Callen were gonna get blown up (well, they are the stars, so I knew someone was bound to come in at the last second to save the day), Granger put on a whatever kind of suit he put on and physically laid on the bomb! Not sure if that would actually work in real life, but hey, I'd rather have that then the two stars be blown up. 

So yeah, the bad guys ended up doing all this because the building wasn't safe. They wanted people to see that it wasn't, so to do that, they were willing to create a catastrophe in order for that to actually take place. Thanks to the LA crew, that didn't go down so well.