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NCIS & NCIS: New Orleans "Sister City" Crossover Episode Review

Throughout the episode, every time Tony said one of his awesome nicknames for McGee or referred to a movie, etc. I felt even sadder knowing that these are the last few times we will ever hear Tony say something like that. With him announcing that day that he was leaving NCIS forever, I was just sad. He's been my favorite since day one. The show won't be the same without him. I'm almost hoping that it'll end soon before anybody else decides to leave.

Aside from that, though, the episode(s) itself was amazing. Sometimes crossover episodes can be kind of a let down. Not enough people in one certain place, but I felt like they did a really good job at crossing over the two. Not to mention it was something new and exciting. No more cold case for now. 

I'm so glad for Abby, that this didn't turn out to be something sad for her. It would have been awful if the first time we meet Luca, he ends up dying. That wasn't the case at all. Someone, in fact, wanted him dead. All because of some meeting he as apart of, but he wasn't really apart of it, he was just the chef!

Luca was an awesome character from the beginning. He might be a little more trustworthy then he should be, but that's not always a bad thing. I was so hoping for his sake, that this lady wasn't all bad. Eva, she really did love Luca. She was trying to protect him. Yes, by sort of using him, too, but that's besides the point. He's either super trustworthy, or he knows how to read people and he knew that Eva wasn't all bad like everybody was saying she was.

Though at the end of NCIS, I felt like "Really? Again?" Ducky and Jimmy get robbed at gun point? Haven't they done this already? Guess they needed a little excitement. But not too sure how that all ended since my TV didn't get the beginning of the New Orleans episode. Still, it kind of annoyed me that throughout this awesome episode, it was fresh and exciting and then then throw in something that they've done before. Oh well.

Ok, yes, a divorce is bad, but it did sort of bug me that they were treating Ellie like she was a baby who was about to break any second. Note to self, though, Brodie can't keep a secret. 

In the end, the bad guy ended up being Mr. Blye himself! I guess I should have seen that coming, but I didn't. He poisoned himself so that NCIS would find him. Play the victim and get away with murder. But he didn't, thank goodness.


  1. Actually, I spent the first ten minutes after the episode ended wondering why Luca wasn't sent to federal prison for ten years for obstruction of justice. From practically the first moment, he lied and lied and lied again to federal investigators. I remind the viewing audience that threatening a witness with obstruction is something they've done a number of times in the interrogation room. But cute little Luca gets a pass when he does it over and over again?

    And remember when he created the fire in the oyster restaurant to allow Eva to escape? So the charges would actually be threefold:

    1. Abetting a known spy and possible assassin to escape.
    2. Endangering the lives of innocent people. What if the fire had spread, trapping those inside?
    3. Destruction of private property.

    I'd say 10 years, at the very least.

    And then there was unnecessarily killing off Counselor Pavlenko. He was, remember, one of the good guys. He was the one who tried to dissuade bad guy Sergei Mishnev from pursuing Gibbs at the beginning of season 12, and then later played the key role in nailing his sorry ass in a later episode. With Pavlenko gone, now we don't have any fun Russkies waiting in the wings.

    As for the above review, by the way, Ducky and Jimmy weren't 'robbed'. There wasn't a body to rob, remember?

    Also, it was McBlabbermouth who told Brody about Bishop, who then told Sonja and King and, presumably, the rest of New Orleans.

    As far as Weatherly leaving the show, yeah, that's a bummer. While it seems the majority of fans hope/think/pray that he'll ride off into the sunset with Ziva, there's this to consider:

    Personally, I think the correct action to take would be to give him his own team somewhere. His turning down Rota was perhaps the correct decision at the time, but that was quite a while ago. Maybe set him up in Israel? That'd be a nice compromise.

    It'll be fun -- if not sad -- to watch it play out.


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