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NCIS: New Orleans "Undocumented" Episode Review

I'm glad that this episode went a different route then what I was thinking. I was thinking that for sure that brother that lived, Victor, got into a bad crowd and now he can't get out and his brother found out and tried to help and that's how he ended up dying. But I'm glad that I was proven wrong. I didn't need another episode that was easy to piece together like the last one (NCIS).

I am also happy that it didn't turn out to a be a suicide like the killer wanted everybody else to think it was. A suicide would have been so sad to have dealt with and not a case that would be best suited for a Navy place anyways.

Who knew that in reality, these two brothers were just trying to get their sister home, who's been missing for a long time. I don't get how the whole Asylum thing works, but it was nice that because of that, the family was able to stay together.

But it still had to end on a sad note. What's up with Pride's friends turning out to be bad? How many is this so far for him? His FBI friend is the one who ended up being in charge of this whole immigration ring. But because of it, they were able to find the sister and bring her home.

This case did hit home for Chris. Reminded him of his issues with his brother so he could totally relate to Victor, to stop him from doing something awful and right things the good way instead of going down a bad path. Nice to have mention of Chris' brother again. I wonder how he's doing?

Aw, office high jinks. This time, the guys are trying to hook Pride up on a dating website! I'm with Brody, this has bad written all over it. But did Chris listen? Nope. Did it anyways. Pride did find out, but I don't know how his reaction was. Since it looked like at the end, when someone messaged him on the site, that he may just use the site after all.