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Pretty Little Liars "Charlottes Web" Episode Review

I almost feel like we are all starting over. Going back to the first season. There's a murder of a someone all the girls knew that they all sort of have a reason to want to get rid of. But would any of the girls actually have the guts to kill someone? Even if it was someone who tortured them for years? I highly doubt it. The only thing that seems fresh this season is that they seem to be clearing names faster then they've done before.

"We aren't in high school anymore. We can talk to Aria". I loved it when Hanna said that. It does show how much they've grown over the years. Instead of thinking of a way to get rid of the evidence they found on Aria sneaking out that night Charlotte died, they do decide to confront her. The only thing they don't do, is go to the police about it. I'm almost surprised that no one has received a text yet. Maybe this -A whoever it is, doesn't work like that.

I am glad that at the end, Aria did finally tell them what exactly happened, but now we are going down a familiar path again. Once someone is cleared, we get a new name that could have done something that night until they fully tell their story. Ezra is the new suspect now. But could he really have wanted to kill Charlotte? I know he's going through a lot right now. Losing someone the way he did can't be easy, but I hope it wouldn't drive him to snapping like that. If anyone of them would play a creepy bad guy, it would be him. We've seen him do it before until we realized what he was really doing. I'm hoping this is just the same.

Ali totally knows something. I'm not sure what she knows, but I think she knows her friends well enough to realize when they are lying. Of course, Aria doesn't make it good for herself by leaving so quickly like she did. That's like criminal 101 there. But we now know Aria didn't have anything to do with it. But who did? At this point, I'm hoping it's not someone we have like no connection to like the last time with the reveal of -A. Cece was someone we already knew but didn't care about (at least that's how I felt). I just hope it's more of a shock this time then a oh hey, that was a let down. You let that answer slip months ago, so not cool, kind of thing. 

So far, I actually don't mind Hanna's boyfriend/fiance at all. It was awkward when he and Caleb met though, but when are those things never not awkward? The only person I don't totally like is Liam. He's cute and sweet, but I feel like Aria hasn't totally moved on from Ezra. Liam looks a lot like Ezra and their relationship is kind of the same. Having to stay a secret since they work together. Maybe it's just me wanting the original couples to get back together, but I wouldn't be surprised if Aria and Ezra were the first ones to get back together. Then there's Caleb and Spencer. I thought that they were just good friends, until that last scene at the end. If I wasn't mistaken, I sensed a little flirting between the two when they were remembering how they reconnected. What happened to the rule "Don't date your friends' ex?". I guess it wouldn't be too bad, but I can see something horrible going down with that.

So much for the "We aren't in high school anymore" quote, though. This is totally something they would have done back in the day and have done. They decided to erase the footage of Aria showing up past the murder time. Hello, that's gonna make things look even more suspicious if the police look into that! At least that way, they could have cleared Aria's name. But oh well.