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Pretty Little Liars "The Gloves Are On" Episode Review

"It's starting again!" Finally, since the season premiere, I've been wondering when those pesky little texts would start and they finally made their way to the surface. Not signed by anybody, just a devil looking face which is even more creepy. We don't even know what this one calls itself, just that they decided to start. Um...should I be jumping to conclusions, but is it weird that they started when Melissa and Lucas both returned to town? 

Now I've always thought Lucas was shady, but he was just a geeky guy who was being bullied by Ali all those years and so we didn't think much of it. But could someone like that that has been bullied all his life, really have turned it around like he seems to have been? I hope so. It does sound like Lucas is doing great, though and I've always had a liking for Lucas. So for him to be bad would just be surprising. However, that's what I'm hoping this Uber -A is. Someone surprising. 

I guess it wouldn't be called Pretty Little Liars anymore if the girls have stopped the lying. But that is one thing they seem to be good at, even if they don't want to admit it. Hanna lying about the fact that she did have something to do with deleting the footage and then roping poor Lucas into the situation to make her alibi better. Why not just involve someone else who's a little more likely to have been there then some random friend who you haven't seen in 5 years? Oh well.

Then there's Aria who's pretending that Ezra is writing his book, when in reality it's her who's finishing it. If Ezra already got mad about the girls jumping on his back for possibly murdering Charlotte, can you imagine how angry he'll get if he finds out Aria messed with his book? Sure it's good, according to her boss, but Ezra doesn't seem stable. Of course, drinking can do that to someone and it seems like he's addicted to it right now. I miss the old Ezra. Aria's right, this isn't the Ezra she fell in love with. 

Emily also has her small web of lies going. First the whole dropping out of college that her mother actually found out about. Then there's the whole thing of what's actually going on with Emily. She isn't sick at all, but she's actually doing something that could help out a family have kids. It's sweet and I really hope that it is the truth. They don't need an illness in this show.

Sure Lorenzo is no Wilden, but I think they underestimate Lorenzo. He seems really good at his job. So good in fact that he could either end up dead or finding out who this Uber -A really is. 

Aw Spencer, I guess right when Melissa reminded me that Spencer did always have a thing for guys who were taken, I should have known this was coming. But I've gotta admit that the whole Spencer and Caleb thing is just gross. I know that sounds harsh, but since we never had any of that attraction from Spencer and Caleb at all, it's just surprising and kind of sudden. The fact that she did go to Hanna is something I like. That she didn't just do it without Hanna's permission. But she needs to be honest. Hanna clearly has feelings for Caleb and I can see that getting messy in the future. Plus, does this mean that Spoby is really over? I hope not. They were my favorite couple since day one and I don't want anyone to get in the way of that.

Sara is everywhere! Is that some creepy hint there or is Sara just being her weird stalker self with Emily? Does she want to make Emily pay for what happened to her or is there something else going on there? Either way, she's just creepy and I don't totally want her on the show anymore. We hardly knew her and now she seems to be everywhere! Kind of annoying.