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Pretty Little Liars "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood" Episode Review

So, for the season premiere of PLL, it was pretty do I put this nicely, boring. Ok, that's not so nice, but that's the only word I could think of. It was awesome seeing that the girls could actually move on and have a life outside of -A, but still, I hope it doesn't take all season for the gripping finale they had last time "He's coming for you". 

Yes, the girls have all moved on. Have had successful careers (their careers suit them well), but still have nightmares about what happened to them. I guess that's natural. Aria has always had the hardest time letting go of what happened. Maybe Emily might not be so far off from there, since it looks like she's secretly doing drugs. But Aria was the only one who actually told the truth.

Ok, let me back up a bit. There's a hearing to let Charlotte out and they want to hear if the girls would think it wise to let that happen or not. Ali has changed, but in a way she hasn't. Once her friends are around her, she wants to control what they do. Yes, that means lie for her to get Charlotte out. People can change and it's been five years and nothing bad has happened, so I didn't see anything wrong with that actually happening.

The one thing that bugged me the most about this, is that it seemed like the girls wanted to move on from Rosewood completely. None of the original couples are together (though I'm expecting that to change since they are back now, for who knows how long). I don't know what went on between them, but after them seeing some of their old boyfriends, you can tell they have doubts about moving on. Speaking of which, I doubt Toby is making a house for a girl or for someone special. It didn't seem like that at all to me.

It is funny that Toby and Ali stayed. Ok, I can see why Ali stayed. She had a sister there that she was trying to get better and get to know, etc. But why did Toby? If everything there reminds him of what happened, why did he stay? 

This town must be cursed, though. Or the girls are. Once they came, someone died and the first episode of this show wouldn't be the same without a funeral, I guess. Yep, Charlotte got out and committed "suicide". By the end, thank goodness, they weren't calling it a suicide, but they are thinking that the four friends had something to do with it. Yeah right, someone else is out there and Charlotte was just the fall girl, no pun intended. Why they waited five years to do something now I don't know, but it is Rosewood after all.

And a funeral wouldn't be the same without a surprising guest appearance by none other then Sara herself! How ironic that she choose to wear a black vail? Anybody else catch that hint or was it just me? It's kind of creepy to know that the killer of Ian, Maya, and whoever else he's killed is still in that town and somehow has something either against Ali or the girls. Let's just hope it's better then the Charlotte story. 

Don't get me wrong, though, I did love having this show back. It is my favorite show after all. They don't always have to be exciting. It was nice to see the girls move on, but then for it to almost all start back up again. I almost half expected to hear their cellphones chirp with a text when we saw the mysterious driver drive away at the funeral. Maybe this -A or whoever he's called, doesn't communicate by text? I have a feeling this is the story us fans have been waiting for, though. Let's face it, there were holes in Charlotte's story. I hope this is the story that fixes all of that. 


  1. I liked the episode. I know there were no dramatic moments, but I think that they took it easy in order to prepare us for something big. The thing I liked most, though was that I think that something might be building between Spencer and Caleb! I think that they would make an amazing couple. I can't wait to see what happens there!


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