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Scorpion "Da Bomb" Episode Review

"I'm afraid of dying alone" - Walter. I think everybody goes through this in their lifetime. Just proves how human Walter really is. If he wasn't so afraid of opening up that part of him, he'd realize he has the perfect person right in front of him. Yes, I'm talking about Paige. 

Walter goes on one of the scariest things of all, a first date! I thought that whole speed dating thing was done with, but nope, surprise, he actually got a date from it! Someone who's just as awkward at first dates as he is, but Walter is more so because he's a genius and doesn't know how to talk around people. 

This case though, was oddly enough good for that. He had to be in a situation where the pressure was high for someones life, but he had to say good things and not say every little thing that popped into his head. I kind of like the fact that he had to be in a situation like this. Made him realize that when someone's life is on the line, they don't want to hear that they will die, they want to hear a good solution that could fix the problem.

Their new case turns into a disaster, but when does it ever not, right? They get called to stop a rocket from being sabotaged. Sounds easy enough, wrong! Gets complicated when Walter's date walks in demanding to see Walter. Here I thought she was there to say that she never wants to see him again. Well, that's not why at all. Some jerk has a bomb strapped to her and is demanding that they sabotage this rocket or else. Little do they know, that Linda is someone new to them. Sure they will save her life, but I think they were thinking that she was someone more important to Walter. 

I spotted the bad guy from a mile away. I was hoping I was wrong, too because I was thinking "Surely that's not the case. Their episodes aren't that easy.". But it actually was. Merrick, remember him? He's come back and it makes perfect sense now why he asked for Team Scorpion. He wants revenge on what happened to him. He got demoted and everything. Well, that doesn't work out well for him, since in the end, he ends up dead. Not totally the plan there, but oh well. 

Just when I didn't think Sylvester could get anymore sweeter, I was proven wrong in this episode. He's going way out of his comfort zone to get onto a TV show to win money! Not just to have money, but so he could buy a pediatric ward and name it after Megan! "That was her favorite place to visit." How sweet is that? Aw Sylvester, you are one amazing guy. 

At least Toby has watched movies. Sheesh, it amazes me how it seems like Sylvester and Walter haven't seen any movies. How is that even possible? Because of the whole situation, Speed was mentioned more then once in the episode. If you seen that movie, you totally know why. But it was just awesome that people are like "Really? You've gotta watch a movie now and again" to Sylvester. If someone wants to be on a game show, that is sometimes questions they ask about. Ok, not all the time, but I've seen it happen. 

Will this case finally make Walter realize that Paige really is the right person? I hope so, they need to stop doing this dance around on their feelings and finally admit that they like each other. Sure, they work together, but that's not always a bad thing.