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Scorpion "Sun of a Gun" Episode Review

First we learn about Happy's family, now Sylvester? This is just too much, but I'll take it. Learning about their past just helps us love them (or hate them, I guess) a little bit more. Realizing what they went through and why they are who they are today. Makes them more human, even if they don't want to admit it.

The episode wasn't all serious. Like most episodes, they do have fun beginnings before the bomb explodes (meaning the case and what's to come after that). This time, it was Walter venturing out into the world of socializing. Thinking this was going to be like a party or something, what a surprise that Walter (oh who are we kidding, this was probably Toby's idea) decided to try his hand on speed dating! Along with Gallo who both did pretty awful. It was fun until Toby got sick.

"Yep, this is what I get for helping Walter date". Poor guy gets sidelined. I hated the fact that he got sidelined, but that meant someone else had to go with them! Sylvester finally gets to see the light of day again! I feel like ever since the whole thing with Megan, Sylvester has been sidelined way too long. It's about time that Walter got him back out there. Even if Sylvester probably would have rather stayed home. Enter in Sylvester's worst fear: his father.

I love the fact that Walter seems to be blinded by the fact that other people have emotions. Sylvester made it pretty clear that he didn't want to work with his dad, but Walter didn't seem to care or notice. However, I think that's a good thing. It was the push that Sylvester and his dad needed in order to fix up their relationship. 

The team have to go down to Africa to befriend a President who is pretty awful to his people (letting them starve while he lives in a comfy mansion). They were doing to him what he was doing to them as well. Trying to befriend them. I'm surprised no mention of that was said when Walter found out that this whole "think tank on a rocket" was just his way of trying to kiss up to them. But perhaps they already knew that so they didn't feel the need to say it again. 

I was hoping from the minute we found out that Sylvester's dad has been in search of this thing his whole life, that Sylvester would be proven wrong. So when they found them in the building, I almost wanted to jump for joy. To know that his dad was right and Sylvester was wrong. Throughout the whole episode, I was hoping that his dad would get to see his son work and how amazing he truly is. But because of this, a little mistake happened that made the relationship even worse. They did fix it, but later it broke apart again when Sylvester and his dad were trapped in that place realizing that his dad didn't trust him after all which led Sylvester to say "you never wanted me from the beginning, just admit it!". That's the opening they both needed in order to have a bout and speak the truth and clear the air. Which they did all while trying to figure out how to get out, which they do and just in time.

So poor Toby, stuck at home while all the excitement happens. He's not all alone, he has babysitter Ralph who somehow knows all the stuff that Toby likes. How is that possible? Sure the kid is a genius, but still. It was so cute to learn the fact that it was actually Happy behind the scenes telling Ralph what Toby actually liked. So, Happy does pay attention after all. Why does she do this "Well, I think I'm falling for the guy". Finally! Toby you've made contact!

Toby and Happy weren't the only ones who experienced something special. Trying to get out of the country alive, Paige is the one who saves the day this time by making Walter do something out of his comfort zone. We love it when she does this, don't we? Or at least I do. Paige, had them sing, on stage so that Happy could get the watch the President was wearing! I knew Paige could sing, but it sounds like Walter can too. I wish we would have seen more of the performance, but we weren't able to.

The team returns safely home, for Walter to use something against Paige that she taught him about telling a white lie now and again isn't a bad thing. Which gave him the opening to ask her out to dinner without her realizing what had happened. Very smooth there Walter.