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Scorpion "White Out" Episode Review

I'm starting to get a little tired of Sylvester always being side lined. I feel like ever since the whole him staying with Megan, he hasn't been out with the team like he normally does. That's when he gets to be a hero. Even if it scares him, it's still cool to see him pull through like that. So, I hope that Walter doesn't sideline him any longer. Yes, he does have a fear of planes. He's afraid of everything. Walter shouldn't totally let that affect how he works with the team. Maybe it's just me that feels like this, but I hope Sylvester works with the team again. Not just from home base.

Aside from that, it was a pretty exciting episode. Only Team Scorpion can make going to the South Pole exciting. Thought it was gonna be an easy, get a signal so that they can save the soldiers, kind of case, but they should know by now. Nothing is ever easy when it comes to them and their cases.

Cooper has really grown on me. I love how she never fails the team. Even if it was impossible to get a rescue on the South Pole, she didn't let that stop her from trying until she succeeded. I hope she stays like that. I don't want an incident like what happened with the last lady. Cooper seems to fit in better with them. Even if it's out of her comfort zone.

Happy and Toby. Where to even begin with this now hopefully new couple. Something that has been on again and off again since the beginning of the season has hopefully come full circle. That something will actually happen now between them after what they went through in this episode. They must like splitting Toby and Happy up and having them do something weird and uncomfortable. They seem to do it a lot. Not that I'm totally complaining because I think this is hopefully the final shove they needed in order to finally get together. As usual, Happy gets lost and Toby wants to go save the love of his life. I loved his line to Walter "If it was Paige, what would you do?". Toby didn't need to say any more then that for Walter to decide to let Toby go. 

I must have missed something, though. I don't remember Happy bringing up a song that she used to hear as a child. Or maybe that was the song she was singing before she past out? I don't know, but it was a sweet father/daughter moment at the end. Finally getting to see what her mother looked like and wishing she had a happy relationship like they did. 

I love it how Ralph is getting on the show more and is starting to be a mini hero in his own way. By comforting that soldier while they thought they were going to die was just so sweet and always standing by his team "Team Scorpion never fails". How cute was it that Ralph invited Walter of all people to some camp out he was going to? Paige didn't totally seem too thrilled about it, but still, I thought it was cute. Probably because Walter is one of the few people who understands him. Still, it was cute. 

I love their little "family get togethers" endings. They sometimes either have to do with the case a little bit or just a time for them to relax. One of the few times I've actually seen Walter act, well, human. Joining in on a snowball fight? Something Walter from season one wouldn't be doing. So, I'm liking this new Walter. His New Years resolution is also surprising. He wants to make friends! Hey, I thought his videos were hilarious and I was sad when he decided to delete his account. But Paige is right, that's not totally what she was getting at by making friends. Still, it was cute and different and yet so totally Walter.