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Shadowhunter "The Descent Into Hell Is Easy" Episode Review

Ok, this episode was a lot better then the first one. Maybe because the story line is actually moving now and there's excitement going on, but there were still things that bugged me that they changed or didn't do. Yes, I know you wanna keep it fresh and exciting for people who have read the books already and so to do that they have to change a few things, but if they change too much, that might not be a good thing.

Like for instance. The first time Simon and Isabelle met, Isabelle didn't flirt. She is flirty, sure, but not with Simon. She always thought of him as a geek and not someone she'd fall for. I know it's TV time and they move things a little faster, but the fact that they were both flirting right off the bat was bugging me. The other thing I don't like is that I don't see any of that happening between Jace and Clary. The minute they met each other in the book, you could tell they liked each other. I haven't really gotten that sense yet.

Now that my rant is over, we can talk about the episode. The Silent Brothers! Well done. Way more creepy and totally what I pictured then the movie versions. But I was bummed they didn't include how they got there. And they kind of changed how they kidnapped Simon, too. But that part didn't bug me too much, since it took me a few seconds to realize that's when they decided to do that instead of what happened in the book.

Maybe I shouldn't compare the book to the movies too much, but I can't help but do that when I watch the show. Especially when they've changed something. One of the things I like, though, is that they are taking their sweet time on revealing who Luke really is. For now, he's just some mysterious, sort of trustworthy cop. 

One of the things that hasn't changed, is the fact that Alec can't stand Clary. For people who've read the books, you know why, for people who haven't, well I'm sure you'll find out soon enough as to why he can't stand her. 

One of the last things that bugged me was the fact that they seemed to have background music going on almost the whole time. It's like really? Stop with the music already. Kind of annoying and unrealistic. Other then that, they haven't really wowed me yet. Maybe it'll take all season for it to do that or I'm hoping it won't or maybe it never will. But I think I'll still watch it until the end because I'm weird like that.