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Shadowhunters "Dead Man's Party" Episode Review

Now this is the kind of show I was hoping for from the beginning. Action, romance and yeah pretty much it in this world. Even if they've done stuff differently again (yes, I think I'll always judge the book and show together), I'm glad I didn't stop after the first episode. 

I'm not sure what I loved most about it. Probably the fact that we finally saw some flirting between Jace and Clary and the fact that she's sort of decided to embrace her new life and just go with it. Sure, having her friend kidnapped by vampires might have had a bit to do with that, though.

Clary really doesn't want to lose Simon does she? He's the only thing of her old life that she still has left and so she wants to keep that as long as she has it. Though, she won't have that Simon forever. I won't say too much for people who haven't read the books, but I hope you were paying attention to what Jace was saying about being turned into a vampire and to what Simon was looking at at the end. 

The only thing that bugged me was the fact that they made sneaking into the place really easy. It wasn't that way in the book or the movie. There was an epic fight sequence, but oh well. Maybe that's coming and they just wanted to put it off a bit or they just wanted to change it up. 

Speaking of change up. Camille is already coming into the show. That whole scene with Simon and Camille making out was just awkward, but that's a good look at what these vampires can do to mundanes. Clary almost had that encounter when Jace was "training" her.

Clary finally is Clary to me. Someone who is tough and she doesn't want to be treated like a little girl or someone who can't do something. She wants to train like a shadowhunter. This is what she is and it's not her fault she was shut out from that world no matter how much Alec wants to say that she isn't a shadowhunter. It's in her blood. But he's just jealous. Again, I won't say too much, but yeah.

I think that moment on the roof when Alec and Jace were yelling, I almost think that's when Jace and Clary realized that they like each other. I could be wrong, but you could tell Jace doesn't totally act like that to Alec and Alec doesn't act like that normally either. Then there's the sad Simon standing in the corner looking over at Clary wanting the same thing. Yep, one of those lovely love triangles is forming. All shows have one and only one couple wins.