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Shadowhunters "Mortal Cup" (Series Premiere) Episode Review

All the stories are true. There is a hidden world within our own that protects us from demons (vampires, warlocks, etc.). That's what Clary Fray finds out on her 18th birthday that changes her life forever.

Clary Fray, a girl with bright red hair thought she had a normal life until her 18th birthday when her memory spell that her mother put on her to keep her remembering that she is in fact a Shadowhunter, is wearing off and she's slowly but surely thinking she's actually losing her mind when she starts seeing things that she shouldn't or people start to talk to her different.

That's where this series starts off from. Based off of very popular books "The Mortal Instruments", it follows Clary trying to figure all this out, becoming a Shadowhunter herself and trying to track down what happened to her mother all while she tries to figure out her new life. One she could have known forever, but she had to stay away from because of her crazy father. 

The cast is so much better then I thought it would be! They've worked so hard at becoming the characters in the books. But there's always been something about Simon. I loved his character in the movie and even now in the show. I always had a hard time figuring out if I like Simon better or if I liked Jace better. Guess that is still gonna be going on since this Jace is awesome!

I am glad that they started from square one with the show. But in a way, it was just a repeat to me. Yes, it was better, but I've seen this before. I knew what was going to happen before it even happened. So let's hope the rest of the series won't be quite like that. Guess that wouldn't be a bad thing, but they have changed some things that I didn't think I was going to like.

Luke being a cop is a much better idea then him being a book shop owner and his story line didn't unfold quite as fast as it did in the movie, which could be a plus or a minus, haven't figured it out yet. Simon being in a band already was also very awesome. Though you could tell right away that he has feelings for Clary. Maureen has feelings for Simon. Oh a lovely love triangle is already forming and someone else will be added later to that triangle.

There were somethings that bugged me about the show, though. Jocelyn wanting so desperately to tell her daughter the truth from the beginning isn't totally how it went down. Valentine already knew he had daughter, didn't he? That's partly why Jocelyn hid this world from Clary. Correct me if I'm wrong, though, because it's been a long time since I read the books. 

Other then that, the show is looking a lot more like it should to me then the original. Nothing against the movie at all, hey I do own it, but let's just hope this show does the books justices.