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Suits "Blowout" Episode Review

Who sold Mike out? Though that question wasn't totally answered yet in the winter premiere of "Suits", they've at least narrowed the suspect list. So far, Scottie and Trevor both have said they didn't do it. So who did? I really hope it wasn't the Priest, but we are running out of suspects here. Unless it's someone we wouldn't see coming in a million years.

The one thing that has always bugged me about this show is the way Jessica treats Louis. We saw how harsh she is to him again when she thought he was going after her job. That may have been what the old Louis would do, but this Louis is different. She should know by now that he is only trying to help out the firm. It was nice that she apologized to him, but still. I was pretty mad at how she automatically jumps on him like that. 

Donna and Harvey are finally back together! One of the things I've missed most is seeing that team work together all the time. But Louis is right, Harvey needs Donna more then Louis right now, so he needs to let her go before Donna does something that could get her in trouble or that would make Louis sad or mad. 

Will Rachel stay with Mike forever? I hope she does, but with how she was talking to him when he arrived home that night, it almost didn't sound like she was by him. Even if she ever does leave him, it'll probably be her own free will. Not something her father will say or anything like that. 

Speaking of her dad, he's super mad when he found out that Mike truly is a fraud. Mike is still a good guy. It isn't totally his fault that he can't study law anywhere. But man, how Robert was acting towards Jessica and stuff, it was harsh.

Well, they did get Mike out of jail and have made it so that Harvey can go back to work. But all because of another lie. Does anybody tell the truth on this show? I guess if they did, it wouldn't be as interesting as it is. Well, it wasn't a full on lie, Jack is bad. He is Forceman's inside man there, but to pin the him telling about Mike being a fraud on him, is just something else to add to the fire. If the truth ever does come out, that firm will probably no longer be in business.