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Supergirl "Blood Bonds" Episode Review

It kind of made me mad that after the last time we saw Supergirl, Cat had figured out her secret. Now they are pretending that Cat didn't put two and two together and are trying to make her realize that Kara isn't Supergirl. Ok, I can see the bad of that secret getting into the wrong hands, but I was actually looking forward to this show taking a different route in that. So, yeah, not too thrilled that it decided to do that.

At this point, I really don't know who to believe. Astra or her sister. Both seem to be "good" in their own way. Not only that, but we did find out that Kara's mother was on Astra's side, but she just didn't like the fact that Astra had to kill in order for some of the stuff to take place. I'm wondering if her husband influenced that a bit? He seems to be the one that is like "let's make war!" and she's the one who is like "no more fighting please!". At least that's what I got at the end when they had to do the hostage swap.

Hank gets kidnapped by Non. When that happened, I was sure that Hank was gonna turn into his true form and free himself. When he didn't, I was a bit disappointed. But now that I think about it, he probably can't/won't do that every time he should just because then everybody would know who he was and he can't let that happen. Speaking of Hank, I'm so glad that Kara now knows who Hank is! Glad that secret between siblings didn't last too long. 

Max is a lot worse then I was thinking he was going to be. Is he gonna be the "Lex Luthor" of Supergirl's world? Another thing that kind of annoyed, was that when James had been taken by Max, why didn't Wynn call Kara? Yes, she was busy, but this is James we are talking about. I guess I shouldn't have worried about him, though, since for some reason Max let him go. What's Max's plan with letting James go? It was just odd that he went through all that just to let him go?

Poor Kara, though. They really made her seem more human, though. Thinking she had lost everything and was almost gonna let that drive her into doing something awful, thanks to her friends, that didn't happen. Could be why she realized why Astra does what she does. But it also made her realize that she just needed to hear the full truth from her. 

The Cat finding out story has been put to rest for right now, thanks to Hank. I forgot he can transform into anything/anyone he wants to. What an awesome way to let Cat off the trail of her finding out! So, like I said, that story has sadly been put to rest for now, but I really hope it won't be for too long. One thing I was surprised at this show. Is how quick certain people were to putting two and two together on who Kara really was. But I guess they want to keep that a secret a little bit longer.