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Supergirl "Childish Things" Episode Review

Until now, I've always thought of Winn as the goofy side kick who had a crush on Kara and someone that was going to make the whole Kara/James thing just a bit more complicated then it already is. I'm right for the most part, but Winn isn't that goofy side kick anymore.

All thanks to his daddy, the vicious Toy Man. Just as creepy as ever. He was one of my favorite villains in Smallville, so I'm glad that they didn't change his character too much in this show. Or water him down. But the minute we found out that Winn's father was Toy Man, I knew the question that most men seem to ask themselves would pop up eventually "Will I become my father?". 

I hope that never happens to Winn. He's a good guy, but according to Winn, so was his father until he let his feelings reach a certain point to where they exploded him into what he's known as today: the Toy Man. That's why Winn took one of the biggest and bravest leaps of all. Tell the girl of his dreams how he truly feels about her.

Yep, Winn dropped the 'I love you' bomb on Kara. Just a few scenes after he tried to kiss her. Which didn't turn out like he'd hoped (she pulled away). Yay for Winn for finally confessing your feelings to the woman you love, but buddy, you're a too little too late. If you had said something before Kara met James, then just maybe you'd be the guy she'd secretly be crushing on instead of James. 

Kara had that stare and feelings I'm sure all girls have had at one point when you like someone, but you see them in a relationship and happily kissing someone else. Though it wasn't much at the end with that clip, I felt a rush of emotions. Perhaps it's because of my past experience with that, but who knows. That scene hit me hard and I think that was the whole idea. James does love Kara, but I think he also likes Lucy, so he's torn.

Speaking of Lucy, the whole love triangle/square whatever you wanna call it, is gonna kick up a notch even higher now that Lucy is going to be working for Cat. At least Cat isn't completely out of tune with her coworkers as we like to think. Even she knows of the "romance" going on between James and Kara no matter how much they wanna deny it. Granted, Lucy will be working a floor above them, but I'm thinking this is just gonna make matters worse. James threw off his "not wanting Lucy to work there" as a "Oh, I think I gave up my dream of a photographer too soon" speech. Lame if you ask me. He was just fishing for an excuse as to explain why he didn't want Lucy there. 

Max just gets creepier by the episode. First, I liked him and thought he was gonna be a crush/relationship thing for Alex. Now I can't stand him. He's a good villain and I guess I should have seen it coming. If it wasn't him, it was going to be Cat. All heroes need some sort of main villain. Clark had Lex and it looks like Kara might have Max who now knows that Supergirl and Alex are related! But they at least know a few more things about Max. Like that creepy floor and room that he has some random girl trapped in and keeping alive for who knows what reason. Anybody else think that it looks an awful lot like Kara or is that just me? I had no clue Hank had all these powers. I can see why he doesn't like to use them and why he swore he never would again. Thanks to Alex's pushing, he had to and he cost someone his life. Not by killing him, but by erasing his memories! How creepy is that?! 

Now back to the daddy issues and the whole question "Will I turn out like my father?". It turns out that Winn's dad thinks that they are so much a like that it's only a matter of time before that happens and like any villain/father, he wants to help speed things up by trying to unleash something in Winn that I don't actually think is there. Thank goodness that Supergirl and the FBI were on the same page as Winn and thinking that the toy con was the place to be because Supergirl saved them from something awful that could have happened. Toy Man is happily (well he's probably sad) back in jail. For how long? Who really knows.