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Supergirl "Stranger From Another Planet" Episode Review

In a way, this episode made me kind of sad, because we didn't see the awesome friendship with Winn and Kara. I guess the sayings true, though. You never know what you had until it's gone. But I'm glad that she actually told him the truth instead of stringing him along. I just missed how they used to be. Yes, this is TV and not real life and yes their friendship could be mended in a few weeks, but I miss it now. Even just after one episode, I miss it. 

Because of that, though, she was able to work with her sister a lot more. Something we haven't totally seen in past episode recently. Speaking of her sister, I'm glad that in a way, Alex feels like it's her fault that this alien thing has landed. It probably isn't, but Hank did use his powers because Alex really wanted him to break into Max's place. Ok, I know that sounds a little harsh, but it's kind of true. Of course, if the White Martian wanted to seek revenge he would have come anyways, but that's besides the point.

Someone else comes that could affect Kara's love life or make it better depending on how you wanna look at it. For me, it would make it worse because then Winn will probably more then likely be on the outs more once he finds out that someone else is interested in Kara and then there's the whole James situation. Sure nothing is said that he likes her, but the fact that he told Lucy he was staying late at work that night just to help out Kara and their new alien situation, almost screams that he has feelings for her. But like I've said, I think he also has feelings for Lucy and so he's just confused right now on what to do. Oh, speaking of James and Kara. I had no clue that they had an awesome little watch that alerts Kara on when there might be trouble brewing! How awesome was that?!

Oh right, the new person, Adam, Cat's son! Kara probably did do something illegal, but she's in a hard place right now. Losing her best friend because of the tension between them right now and not getting a second chance with her mother, I can see where she'd want to try to fix a family if she could. Even if it meant that she could possibly lose her job over it, because it is Cat after all. She probably throws around the sentence "your fired" more often then not. But Kara actually came through.

The only thing that bugged me was the fact that Cat was like "You didn't prepare me on what to say!". Ugh, seriously Cat? Yes she did! She told you exactly what she would have loved to have heard from her mom, but were you listening? Nope, probably not. Big surprise, though, since that's probably why the dinner date with her son went so badly. Too much talking of herself and not enough time on him.

The minute we met Adam back at the coffee shop before we knew who he was, I knew there was gonna be some form of love connection between him and Kara and the fact that he asked her at the end proved me right! Even if it is going to be awkward dating her bosses son, I think she somehow approves of Kara and Adam together. 

Hank, poor guy, he has to relive his families horrible death when something comes after him. Hank is the only one left of his kind. Once he used his powers (unwillingly I might add), the White Martian knew where he was to get rid of his kind forever. With Hank wanting to go on a suicide mission, it wasn't too hard to do this. But it was because of two girls that want to protect him that didn't turn into that at all. I even felt like their relationship status went from workers to father/daughter type in this episode because of it. Which I don't mind at all. I hope he never has to face that thing again, but the fact that that thing said more might be coming, I have my doubts on it.

No mention of Max revealing that he knows Kara and Alex are related, but his machine, whatever it is, finally made an appearance! "How is it that I'm there when I'm here?" Another Supergirl has come and is taking Kara's place. However, from what I've heard, I don't think this one is friendly. It is now, but I don't think so for long.