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Vampire Diaries "Hell Is Other People" Episode Review

Since this show has been on hiatus, let's do a recap. Last time we saw the Salvatore brothers, they had an unfortunate run in with the yucky, why hasn't that stone been destroyed yet, Phoenix stone. So, what is hell like for Damon and Stefan? Let's just say, Damon has a groundhog day type experience.

I can see why someone would go crazy in that thing. Reliving their worst nightmare over and over again was almost getting to me too. But then it was nice and almost laughable (in a good way, though), because Damon, who doesn't want to face his worst fear, tries to fix things. Honey, nothing is ever that easy in a stone like that or on this show for that matter. Haven't you learned that by now?

Even I had a hard time trying to figure out what was real and what wasn't. I'm thinking the next time Damon actually wakes up, he will have been gone longer then the fake Bonnie said. The sort of real world did make sense and please tell me that scene at the end was fake! Ok, if all the stars died in one room, the show would probably be over, so I should assume that that scene at the end wasn't real. But you know what happens if you assume something. 

Of course, this show doesn't do total shockers like that and we have seen 3 years ahead (but then again, with this stupid stone and them trapped inside, how do we know for sure that's actually the real world? Just sayin') so I'm not too worried, but the fact that we don't know for sure, is what gets me.

Not that I mind Damon, but I was getting tired of not seeing Stefan. Ok, that fake Stefan doesn't count. It was just another Lily trying to get Damon to see a way out of that thing. But Damon is still Damon and won't listen. I'm pretty sure that one scene towards the end there, was real. I think anyways, I'm not entirely sure at this point. The one where Stefan had gotten out first and Bonnie was still trying to get stubborn Damon out. Seems more likely that that scene was real since Damon was being Damon, even if he is dead.

Is it true that Damon really does have to confront his feelings for Lily? I'm not sure if it's that easy or not. In a way, I'm kind of thinking there's something else going on here. Sure, I can see Damon being the one who is stubborn and will do anything to protect his family, even if that means killing someone else, but is that truly his biggest fear/nightmare or is it all just one big hoax and there's no real way out of there? 

I shutter at the thought of what Damon would come out of that thing whenever he eventually comes out. Will he be like Damon back in season 1 or worse, like when he switched off his humanity worse? In a way, I miss the old Damon, but in a bigger way, I like this Damon (well, the one with Elena) that has changed. I did like one of the things fake Stefan said "have you ever asked yourself, 'what would Elena do?'". Maybe that's his true fear. Worrying of what man he's become without Elena and I agree, I'm not sure what Elena would think of him if she saw him right now. Then again, that whole scene wasn't real, so who knows what really goes on in that thing or what's behind the meaning. I'm just spitballing ideas here. None of which could be right, but let's just say I hope I'm wrong that they do actually get out of that stone because after just one episode, I want the show back to the way it was. In the real world having to fight off the heretics.