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NCIS "Decompressed" Episode Review

You know, for their 300th episode, I don't know, I was expecting something really cool and exciting. The rest of their milestone episodes have been, so why couldn't this one be either? Don't get me wrong, it wasn't totally bad, I did enjoy it, but normally milestone episodes have three things in common. You see characters you haven't seen in a long time, a very exciting storyline and something major to the show itself happens. Aside from the storyline, it was just a normal case episode. 

Ok, yes I did enjoy it, but like I said, I was expecting to see people we haven't seen in a while. Or even the director for that matter who didn't even get a mention, let alone and appearance. Am I wrong for not totally enjoying the 300th episode or am I not alone in this thinking? 

Their case was almost and open and shut case. They just had to figure out which 3 suspects did the actual murder. Yes, their dead body was found in a decompression chamber. So, not a big brain solving case to realize that one of the three people had to have done it and it was one I was kind of expecting all along.

Ok, maybe I'm being too harsh on the episode, but it just wasn't what I was expecting for a big milestone episode. It's ok to change things up once in a while I guess, but for someone who isn't a total fan of change, maybe that's why I didn't like that we didn't have the normal format of a milestone episode. 

But there was one thing that I loved about this episode. They've really moved this into the 21st century, haven't they? The classic Gibbs' slap is now available via computer! That was probably the best part and totally unexpected. Glad we could have one last Gibbs' slap from Tony no less before Tony sadly leaves. With him gone, I'm kind of shuttering at what the show might turn out to be. Not that he caries the show, but when your favorite character leaves, it makes you wonder how the show will go on.

Aw Abby, the secret little Valentine elf who was mad when her coworkers started arriving before finishing up her surprise presents to each of them. Loved her poem to Ellie, though. For a divorce, Ellie is handling it very well. Of course, Ellie doesn't strike me as a girl to show her emotions much, anyways. But how sweet of Tony to do what he did for her. Make her first Valentine's something special without a loved one. A movie and dinner from her favorite place at home. Oh Tony, I am so gonna miss you when you leave.

So, their case that they couldn't totally solve until 4 days after it happened so the gang could get out of the decompressed chamber safely, ended up being the lawyer and the lady I was expecting the whole time. She was rough around the edges and didn't seem to click with the rest of the crew members. The dead guy ended up stumbling on what was really in their closet underwater. Liquid cocaine. That's why the lawyer didn't want anyone in there. Then they'd find out what was really going on.

What did you think about the episode? Do you agree with me or did you enjoy it? Post your comments below!