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NCIS "React" Episode Review

Really loved this episode. It was a miss for me the last week, so I'm glad they are back with another winner for me. Of course, I usually love a good kidnapping story. Ok, that sounds wrong, but it's true. Those are the cases that are normally exciting and never a dull moment.

The SecNav's daughter is kidnapped. But is it because of something or is it because of money? It was a very random amount of money that they wanted. All to find out that she had put an insurance policy on her daughter! Her ex husband wasn't at all pleased about that. But it wasn't about that at all. It all came down to revenge for the SecNav. 

Gotta love it when Fornell comes for a visit! He always brightens up the show and that banter between him and Gibbs is always awesome. That's not the only surprise guest we had this week. A blast from McGee's past comes back and she was someone I really liked. Val, an old college buddy, but it was more then that. She ended up being McGee's first kiss! How sweet was that? I could see why they wouldn't want that info getting into the wrong hands (yes, and by that, I mean Tony).

There has been no talk recently if Gibbs' is going to retire. That's the sense I got from the beginning of the season. It could still happen, but right now, I'm not sure if that's the case or not. Someone else may be retiring though. SecNav herself. She doesn't want to put her family in anymore danger then she already has.

The true bad guy ended up being a bit of a surprise. I wasn't expecting the ex-husband's current girlfriend (or wife?) to be in on the kidnapping. I guess I should have suspected something now that I think about it, though. She was acting really calm and nice about the whole thing. 

So yes, in the end, they got the girl back all in one piece. Her father is going to be fine (oh, he got shot by the kidnappers) and that's when the SecNav decided that it might be time to call it quits. All in all, a pretty exciting case. One they haven't really had in a while. Well done!