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Pretty Little Liars "Do Not Disturb" Episode Review

They may not be in high school anymore as Mona pointed out again, but sometimes I still feel like they are. I know that sounds mean and yes they have matured, but you'd think they would go to the police instead of doing something they did do when they were in high school. Of course, if this -A or whoever it is, is anything like the previous -A, they have a back up plan if they do go to the cops. It could backfire on them. That's happened before to, so in a way, I guess I can see why they might want to solve something before going to them. Then there's the other way, -A is always a few steps ahead of them so it probably doesn't matter.

I really don't mind Hanna and Jordan at all. They make a really cute couple and he seems totally understanding. He was so supportive after Hanna was fired and sort of quit her job working for her jerk of a boss Claudia. I still think if Hanna told him about the texts, he would be nice about it. The only other new couple I don't like is, Spencer and Caleb. They had an amazing friendship. I never saw it forming to this. Hanna is super jealous of them, though. Can't they at least tell the truth for once? I guess it wouldn't be called Pretty Little Liars for nothing, though.

No wonder Sara wouldn't want anyone to come into her room. What in the world did Aria stumble upon? Is that a secret way in and out or is something else down there? One more question, why in the world, if you are with someone and you see a hole with stairs, that you don't go get that person to go down that hole with?! I mean, that's kind of stupid if you ask me. But these are the girls who go into warehouses and woods by themselves, so I guess I shouldn't be questioning their motives too much when it comes to this. Side note, all those gloves were kind of creepy. But yay for Team Sparia again!

So, Emily actually was telling the truth. I am surprised, but happy that we finally got the truth out of someone for once. And there goes -A ruining something good again. I'm just calling this person -A, since they don't have a sign off name. I don't know what else to call them. But was what she saw in her hospital room real or was it the drugs in her system? It could be both. Remember when Ali visited Hanna in her hospital room and we all thought that was just a dream? Well, it turned out to be real. Then again, if Ali really was outside of Emily's room, if she heard the yelling, I would hope that she would have come running. 

I do want to give a shout out to Caleb. Amazing work for giving -A or whoever this is, a computer virus! This person doesn't know who they are messing with. But what did Caleb find on that phone that was locked? A clue? 

Byron has been cleared! I think I've said this before, but I'll say it again, I like the fact that they seem to be clearing people's names so fast right now. Byron wasn't seeing Ezra, he was getting back together with Ella! That was so cute and kind of sudden, but I still love it all the same. Aria's broken family is a family once again. Unless this -A decides to mess things up with them.