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Pretty Little Liars "New Guys, New Lies" Episode Review

You'd think that these people would learn by now that stealing and lying are not the way to go about living life. If it's not stealing evidence that could clear someone's name, it's about lying about their current relationships. I don't believe for a second that Toby and Spencer are over each other. They act way too jealous of their new relationships for me to believe that and then there's Hanna. I like Jordan and I think she does too, but I think she just likes him, not in love with him. I think coming home for the girls made them realize what they had given up and they are having a hard time adjusting.

Is Byron there seriously every single time someone dies? First Ali, now Charlotte. Of course, we should know by now that once the girls out someone, that they more then likely didn't do it. Still, he just seems mighty suspicious all of the sudden. What's he's play in all this? We all know how Byron hated the fact that Charlotte was going to get out thanks to that flashback, but would he be that upset and wanting to protect his daughter by killing someone who's clearly made an improvement?

I do like the fact that Hanna was ready and willing to confess her crime to everyone she loved. That does show progress on her, but then there's the fact that Ashley stole that back up disc. Like mother like daughter, huh? This is just going from bad to worse. I don't understand why Hanna didn't tell Jordan about the texts, though. I think he would have reacted fine or maybe she was just worried that he'd act over protective and she didn't want that? Who knows.

Who is this Master of Disguises? -A wasn't kidding when he/she said they would hide in plain sight. But if it was me, I think I'd notice some creepy mail dude staring through the window of my house or some old dude looking at me, but I guess these girls don't or this person is just really sneaky and knows when to leave at just the right moment. At least this person does reply. Even if it was a simple "yes" to Hanna's question. Before, they would have just been ignored. Let me just say that I hope it's not Sara or someone unrelated like that. I just hope that it's someone we know well and it'll be a shock.

So sad to learn that Toby has in fact moved on and is indeed building a house for someone else. I wasn't expecting that at all and how he was acting the first time he was with Spencer, that thought never crossed my mind either. Does he really care for this girl or did seeing Spencer bring back all those feelings to him and that's why he didn't propose? I think I've said this before, but I'll say it again, I really want the original couples back!

I'm glad that the warehouse thing that Spencer and Caleb went to wasn't a total trap. Well, it was, but it could have been a lot worse. Maybe this -A doesn't play like that? But for a second there at the end, I was thinking we were going to get a glimpse of who it was. I should know better by now, though, then to expect that this soon.