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Pretty Little Liars "We've All Got Baggage" Episode Review

Love is in the air in tonight's all new episode of Pretty Little Liars when not one, but two weddings happen and not only that but one of the liars finally sets a wedding date!

I wasn't expecting the wedding episode for Ella and Byron to come so fast, but it was really cute and romantic. Byron for once, didn't creep me out. There is still something fishy going on with them, but hearing how Ella feels about him when he walks into the room made me warm up to the idea of them getting back together. It was a little weird that he had Aria marry them, but it was really cute when it was actually happening. Surprise, Mike wasn't coming! Didn't expect him to. I can understand why he hasn't forgiven his dad the first time he hurt his mom.

Some relationships were a little rocky, though. I understand about not having a wedding date for Hanna, but seriously, someone who is in fashion that hasn't picked out a wedding dress? That was just a bit odd to me. You'd think that'd be the first thing she checked off of her list. Not to mention she kept ditching calls by her fiancé. Something is going on with her and I think that something is Spencer and Caleb. She's so not ok with their relationship and I'm not sure why she just won't admit it. Even Aria knew Hanna wasn't ok with the new couple because she wasn't buying Hanna's "I'm happy for them!" statement. But she did finally come around to the idea of setting a date for a wedding. I wonder if Hanna has a future career as a wedding planner? She was actually really good at it.

New suspect on the list: Melissa. I highly doubt it was her, seeing as in the clip they ended the first half of the season with was "He's coming for you!", so it's clearly a he who's after them. But they have to go through all the suspects before they get to the right one. They did the first time around, why would this time be any different? So, Melissa and Wren are done again? I don't totally buy it, but then again there's still apart of me hoping that Wren is the ultimate Big Bad. But there is that fishy story she told that wasn't even true. 

Finally, Emily is admitting that it might not just be Sara who's after them! I highly doubt it's Sara at all, but the fact that her room suddenly got all messed up was a bit odd. And seriously, someone talking that loud, why didn't that maid (who was actually -A in a mask!) open the door? Did she seriously not hear them? Ali doesn't believe Sara is involved and neither do I. Sara is odd and annoying, but I don't think that's her play here.

Poor Emily. Why is it that Emily seems to get paranoid the most when it comes to -A stuff? I guess they haven't grown out of certain things. She is so paranoid that she doesn't want anybody to do anything knowing Sara is out there hurting them again. But after that incident at the diner (why was she even there, did I miss something?), she is really thinking someone else is in on it. After finding the murder weapon, she loses the thing since a car is trying to kill her to get the weapon back! But does this Damien guy like Emily or does he have a different angle with her? 

Wedding number 2 that we didn't see yet, but I hope we do get to see it. Ali and Rollins want to tie the knot and asked Aria to marry them! Aria refuses again, but I think they finally convinced her to do it. I don't know why she keeps refusing it. Maybe because she wasn't prepared or maybe she didn't agree with it, but it's cute that they wanted Aria to do it for them. But Rollins thinks it was his fault that Charlotte died that night. He did start dating Ali when he was her doctor, so Charlotte felt betrayed and that's why she left that night. Or that may not be the answer at all.

Poor Liam. Who I find looks a lot like Ezra. Either Aria has a type or Aria just hasn't totally admitted to herself that she isn't over Ezra. Though she clearly said she was at the end and it was so cute seeing them together after getting through that rocky point, I don't know if it's going to last. Then again, it could all be because I want the original couples back and I think Ezra still likes Aria (why else wouldn't he get super mad at Aria for writing his book?). But glad for now that someone can be happy. 

-A is threatening poor Emily again with the baby situation. Why are they doing that? They don't know anything. Or is this -A really trying to get answers and threatening them out of someone is the only way they think they can do it? I don't even know what scene that was at the end. -A playing with remotes and he was clearly at the wedding. Where else would he get a piece of a wedding cake? Let's hope it's not Byron.