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Pretty Little Liars "Where Somebody Waits For Me" Episode Review

People's names were cleared and quite possibly the true murder weapon was "found"! Pretty exciting episode if you ask me. But I am wondering, why would this -A lie about what weapon was used? To get the girls off of their trail or does this person truly not know what's going on in the murder case and just grasping at straws? I believe it's the first part of that sentence. To throw the girls off their trail. Seems like a total -A move.

I agree with Caleb, I have no clue who to call this new big bad since they haven't officially signed a letter to their texts like they did last time. It may be a different person, but they do have the same motive. To torture the girls. 

It is weird that yet again, the girls are all getting hurt with the thing they love most and Aria just stands by writing away on her laptop after her boyfriend comes to visit to let her know he knows she's been writing the rest of the book the whole time. Aria didn't get hurt much before the dollhouse anyways, so why would that happen again? Is that odd to anybody else or just to me? Sure, -A threatened her a couple times, but -A didn't try to hurt Toby, or didn't run over Hanna or try to kill Emily in the building. I just find it odd and wanted to point that out.

This -A does seem to amp up their game a little bit more then the last long. I was hoping to have them zero in on someone spying on them. See what new disguise they had on this week, but they didn't. However, that doesn't mean someone wasn't in the background I just didn't notice them. 

All the suspects we had, have been cleared. Ezra finally spilled the beans on what happened to him after Aria left that night. He did run into Ella and Byron on a date and they didn't want him to say anything until they knew for sure that they wanted to get back together. Makes sense, but their new marriage doesn't. Seems like weird timing to me and Ella didn't seemed thrilled. 

I do not like the new couples at all. But if any of them had to last, I wouldn't mind it being Jordan and Hanna. They are cute together, but if she isn't careful, their engagement is gonna end. She doesn't want to tell him that it's starting up again. I can understand that, but at the same time, it's starting to put a damper on their relationship already. I won't be surprised if they end in a couple episodes. Hanna also clearly likes Caleb still. Why else would she ask him to drinks after spending a night with her fiancé? I found that weird. But I hated the flashback. A look into why they broke up. Mainly because of life, but I think if they stayed in a small town, that things would work better. I think they still do like each other, they just won't admit it. That aside, I do like Ali and Dr. Rollins together. They are cute and I'm glad she could find someone in all this.

Well, there is another new suspect maybe. Mona. I don't think so, though. I believe she's telling the truth about wanting Spencer to find out about her mom's illness and the other side possibly using that in the campaign to win. I hope that doesn't happen because I think her mom would be good at this job. 

What else is in that hole that Aria found? Sure, it's a tunnel to the outside, but could it have been there this whole time and that's how Charlotte got out as well? Or could it have been something Sara was working on in her free time? I highly doubt that. You'd think hotel residents would hear all that going on and complain. But I have a feeling more stuff is in that place that we didn't see. -A was seen with that electric board thing at the end. Is that a sign about something? Who knows, but I have feeling they should have checked inside that file cabinet. I guess if it wasn't heavy, there wasn't anything inside, but still, why use something like that to block an entrance?

So, no new suspects? Wrong! At the end, they decided to show us the real murder weapon. A handle that was missing from a suitcase! It wasn't just any suitcase. It was Melissa's! Now, hear me out. This also points to someone I've been hoping was -A from the beginning. Wren! Melissa is still in a relationship with Wren as far as I know and I'm pretty sure this new -A is a guy. So, all signs seem to be pointing to him. Please Marlene, give us what we want = Wren is -A!