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Scorpion "Fractured" Episode Review

"The big one is coming!". I personally think all LA residents should have some sort of app that let's them know when an earthquake hits. They might, I don't live there, so I don't know. If they don't then they need to take a lesson from Sly. Sure, the guy is afraid of everything, but knowing something like that would come in handy and it does. I'm not totally sure by what he meant by the "big one", but it was cute that he sent that text out to his friends to warn them.

Since the team was split up because of stuff they were doing that day, they had to go through the whole day with being with people they probably wouldn't normally work with. Not only that, but it was the episode of Ralph! Someone who I have really liked as a character from the beginning, but that you don't get to see too often. Being a kid actor does have it's disadvantages. Still, they totally made up for that in this episode when Ralph got a chance to shine and work with Sly.

A very unlikely pairing. Sly and Ralph have to work together to get to some valve to turn off before something major happens because of the earthquake. But poor Sly, in the event of the quake and protecting Ralph, he broke his glasses. So, not only does he have to work with Ralph, Ralph also has to be his eyes while driving up a very dangerous road where they meet their own little rescue mission. A couple who was going for a drive who got hit by a tree with the girl trapped inside. One wrong move and she could be buried alive. 

If I was the guy, I would be a little skeptical about listening to an 8 year old telling an adult on what to do. Sly can barely see anything. "He's not a normal 8 year old". Loved having Sly stand up for Ralph. So cute knowing that this team really does have each other's back. Even if you are a smart kid. So, their crisis gets taken care of. Now let's see how the rest of the team is doing.

I have no clue why Toby is acting the way he is and it was very smart and unusual for Walter to point out that he doesn't even know why their relationship is going down hill either. Is it truly because Toby is super happy and now he doesn't know how to function with the rest of his friends while keeping a big secret? One he's probably bursting at the seems to tell? I mean, it's the very thing he's been working toward since day one of the show. A relationship with Happy. Yes, they finally had a moment and I really hope that it doesn't destroy Walter and Toby's relationship in the process. Why are they keeping this a secret? Do they want to wait and see if it progresses past the first phase or is there something else going on with that? Maybe this is why Toby's last relationship didn't work?

But because of this Paige signs Walter and Toby up for couples therapy! We only got a few seconds of it before the earthquake hit, but it was an amazing few seconds and something that actually helped them later on solve one of their problems while they were trying to get through their own crisis.

Yes, each team had to deal with something. Walter and Toby had to get to Korea Town before it blew up because of the earthquake hitting. Sly and Ralph with their mess and now Paige, Gallo and Happy having to save people trapped in a car with electrified water. Not as easy as it sounds when the car starts on fire. I'm sure if Walter saw Paige do that stunt towards the end, he would have had a complete cow. Of course, if he was with them, that probably would have been him on that bridge instead of her.

They finally all come together at the end to save a major fire burst happening in downtown LA. Again, I never know if anything they do is a for sure thing in real life, but it makes for a very fun and entertaining hour of TV.

What did you think of the episode? Tell me your favorite parts in the comments below!