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Shadowhunters "Major Arcana" Episode Review

Demons are everywhere! Just another day in Shadowhunter world, though as Jace puts it. Sure, it's because of Clary, but it's not totally her fault. But could Alec finally be warming up to the redhead?

Still trying to find the cup, Clary and Jace get Luke to find the cards that she thinks is the clue they've been looking for, only to make Luke fall into IA territory and they have to figure out a completely different plan on how to go about doing that. Why does IA seem to get involved in just the wrong time on shows like these? It almost makes me think if like a demon or someone like that was involved. But they weren't, they are just doing their job trying to solve a murder that Luke is at the prime center of.

Finally, after 7 episodes, I finally see chemistry from Clary and Jace. I saw a little here and there, but nothing like what I was expecting the first time. But I guess they just wanted to ease into it. Then that little awesome scene at the end when they kissed! It made Alec starting to like Clary go out the window when that happened. Jace will never like Alec the way Alec wants to, so I don't know why he's having a hard time about it. But then again, trying to get over a love is hard, so there is that.

Please tell me we get the old Izzy back! Just one episode and I miss the fiery, confident and someone who doesn't totally care about the rules. Is she doing this just to impress her mother or is there more to it then that? Everybody questions their identity, but I hope this isn't the case with Izzy and she realizes soon that changing for someone isn't the answer. Being yourself is.

Simon. Where to begin with him? Bravo to Alberto, though. He did amazing in tonight's episode! I just wanted to go up to Simon and give him one big hug, but then again, I probably shouldn't because he might bite my head off. Yes, sadly Simon, you are turning into a vampire. I don't know why Camille is trying to make him think otherwise or was that really her? With Simon, I really don't know what's real or what's not anymore.

Now that Clary has found the cup, what does that mean for the rest of the season? Are they going to try and make it hard for Valentine to find or are they going to go through book 1 this fast? I don't know how I'd feel about that. I guess it'd be ok, but again, I just don't know.

Did you love tonight's episode or did you stop watching after episode 1? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!