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Shadowhunters "Moo Shu To Go" Episode Review

Momma Shadowhunter comes for a visit and she is nothing like I imagined their mother to be like. Of course, it's been a while since I've read the books, but I don't remember her being that harsh or playing favorites for that matter. The cold shoulder she gave Izzy. What's that about? Izzy is the best. She's self-confident, strong, beautiful. Maybe she just doesn't like the fact that she sometimes doesn't play by the rules. But neither does Jace and he's her favorite. Then there's the odd connection Alec and his momma have. I have a pretty good indication as to why that might be, but still, I was expecting someone more warm hearted.

What odd pairings that had to go about in this episode. Momma Shadowhunter wanted Izzy to be kept in line while going to see her Seelie contact - well, boyfriend more like it, she just doesn't utter those words around her mother, so she sends Jace? Alec would be a better choice at that, but nope, Jace gets to go. Leaving Alec behind to watch the one person he hates, Clary. Who escapes within 5 minutes of his watch since he was distracted by a phone call from Magnus.

Jace won't be thrilled to learn that the person he is starting to care about (whether he wants to admit it or not), is missing and the fact that it was under his brothers watch won't help their already tense relationship right now. If Jace is really that blind to see why Alec is having a hard time after last weeks revelation, then boys really are clueless when it comes to that stuff.

Finally, Luke's secret is out! He's a werewolf! Been holding off saying that since the first episode! I do like the fact that they took a few episodes before introducing them, though. I don't remember him getting hurt and having to go see Magnus, but that whole scene was just awesome.

Poor Simon. That guy has no clue what's going on with him. Doesn't he watch movies? He should realize what's happening to him. Strength, super speed and now he can see the runes? No one else picked up on the fact what could be happening to him. Seriously? He can suddenly see runes and no one understands why?!

Simon is the best character on the show. Don't get me wrong, everybody else is growing on me, too. But I even loved Simon in the books and the movie, so there must just be something about his character and the actors they get to play him, that just makes me like him. The nerdy, goofy guy, who also has amazing timing on jokes.

After what, 5 episodes now? This show has grown on me. I wish it was a "Wow, this is the best show ever!" from the beginning and I have yet to feel that, but it is growing on me a lot. Sure, certain things still bug me. But no books, to movies to shows are ever the best. If they wanted to stick to the books, it would be kind of boring, but they have to spice things up a bit to keep viewers. For now, I'm staying.