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Shadowhunters "Of Men and Angels" Episode Review

That episode felt more like a history lesson, but way more exciting. Hey, it's Shadowhunters and finding out how Valentine became Valentine is awesome. Granted, I knew all this already, but it's always nice to have a refresher since it's been so long since I read the books. 

Of course Simon and Jace would end up going to run errands together. I wonder if Magnus did that on purpose or if Simon really wanted to try to talk Jace out of liking Clary? Buddy, you can't totally do that. But you don't know where you stand yet in the story, so I won't say so I won't spoil it for someone. But finally, after all this time, Jace is the one who's noticing Simon might be acting odd for a reason. He didn't voice it, but he finally said "Is that all that happened to you that night the vampires kidnapped you?".

I have always felt bad for Simon. Someone who loves someone who doesn't love him the same way. Hey, we've all been there. Maybe that's why Simon is my favorite character. I don't know, but Simon is just awesome. I'll just leave it at that. 

Ok, is it bad that I don't remember Izzy and Alec's dad at like all? But maybe that's a good thing because I really loved his character instantly. He seems like one of those dad's who wants their kids to run after their dreams. Unlike their mother who seems to have an idea for each one of her kids and if they don't follow it, they kind of get sidelined. Like Izzy. I felt so bad for her. Again, having an amazing daughter like Izzy and if someone can't see how amazing she is, is just wrong.

Clary finally gets what she's been wanting since the first episode. The truth about her, her family and more. Luke and Jocelyn feel like they turned Valentine bad because they fell in love with each other and that made Valentine go crazy. Love is really the true motive for all evil isn't it? Or most of it anyways, it seems like. So that shouldn't come to a surprise with anyone that that is the case. 

She also finds out that she had a brother! Again, something I already knew, but the look on her face was just awful when she learned that Valentine killed her brother (oh just wait! sorry, I'm such a tease aren't I?). Just when you thought a bad guy couldn't get any worse, he does.

I don't remember Momma Shadowhunter wanting Alec to marry someone in the Clave so that they could have better bonds with them again. I do remember them having a not so good situation with the Clave right now, but Izzy is furious her mother would even think of such a thing! Izzy being the good sister she is, runs to tell Alec who sort of blows up for no reason and decides to help Jace and Magnus anyways.

Finally, one of Clary's powers is revealed! I was wondering how long they were going to wait to tell us about one of her gifts. The fact that she can hide stuff in a picture is kind of cool and that also gave her a big hint as to where the actual cup might be! 

Aw, little Max. I don't know what I pictured him to look like, but I was surprised he didn't look like the rest of the family. Not that I didn't mind that of course, he is a cute little kid, though. 

I am glad I'm sticking to this show. Not all episodes are great, but sometimes the first season itself isn't the best of a new show and it gets better. I am liking it, but I still haven't had one of those "wow" moments yet. I'll stick with it, for now.