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Shadowhunters "Raising Hell" Episode Review

I don't know what has changed with me watching this show. Maybe I've just decided to enjoy it or maybe it's because the show is actually moving with the story line. Or maybe Magnus is just that awesome that I was totally into this episode.

Who really knows, but I did really enjoy this episode. Sure, we are still in stuff I've seen, but there's just something different now and I actually enjoy it now. The actors don't totally bug me anymore. They've actually grown on me a lot. Of course, Simon more then others, but still, the rest of the cast is just as amazing. I've always liked Simon. Books and movie, so I guess that feeling hasn't changed.

Clary is more determined then ever to try to regain her memories. Thanks to Simon, they have a new lead: Magnus Bane. A warlock who might have "helped" Jocelyn with Clary's memories. According to Hodge, "help" isn't the right word for it. Magnus can't stand Shadowhunters, but that's actually all about to change. Of course, I can't say too much at all without giving probably the whole of season 1 away. 

But that's about to change when they face the awful demon that Magnus sold the memories to. Thanks to Alec, summoning the demon turned into an awful mess when they had to give away a memory of their most loved one. He didn't want people to know who he truly loved and broke the circle. Which almost caused Jace to almost die, but he didn't.

Aw Simon, poor guy. He's having an even harder time with things after their run in with the vampires last week. Again, I can't say too much of what is happening to him without completely ruining the whole show, but if you've read the books, the scenes where he bursts out for no reason at the institute or just up and leaves, makes more sense when you actually know what's going on with him. It's a little early for it, but I actually don't care right now. 

It is nice that they are taking their sweet time with finding the mortal cup, the whole thing with is Luke good or bad and such. At times, it's kind of annoying. Wishing they'd just move the story along already, but they won't do that and I understand. There are 6 books and they want this show to last as long as it can. So, to get rid of one book in the beginning episodes would just be bad.