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Suits "God's Green Earth" Episode Review

A firm that does illegal actions...stays together? Wait, that's not the saying, but that's kind of fitting their firm right now. Sure, the worst thing ever for Harvey to have done, was to hire Mike in the first place. Learning that Mike is actually not a lawyer and firing him the minute he found out would have been smart, but then there'd be no awesome show to discuss. But to keep doing illegal things to try to get Mike out of trouble, is not the best answer.

Ok, maybe not straight up illegal things, but telling Mike to do whatever it took "just don't get caught" when protecting Rachel from getting expelled from school, may not have been the best way to go about doing that. Sure, it worked, but I hope he didn't do something illegal that would again, later come back and bite them in the butt. They seem to be good at doing that lately.

In a way, I kind of miss the case by case episode. Where the drama is settled in one neat little package at the end, but in another way, I like the fact that this drama about Mike is exploding like this. That it isn't taking just a few episodes for it to be done. That they are putting up a fight trying to let the truth get out. All truth eventually comes to light. Does their firm not know that?

Jack, another silent, but deadly enemy they have. One I don't trust as far as I can throw him. If I were him, I would have taken that job. Knowing my boss doesn't like me, is a deal breaker to me. So, almost black mailing Jessica, who already uses questionable tactics, is not the best way to go about trying to get your name on the door buddy. Jack = someone I don't trust. Never have, never will. I agree with Louis, giving Jack something like that when they can't trust him, has "bad" written all over it.

Though like I said, none of the things they are doing lately have "good" written all over it, either. Like convincing Louis to go to Shelia to tell her to flee the country so she doesn't stand trail? Bad! That's like criminal 101. Once they see that, they know something is up. That things don't add up, why else would their main witness flee the country?! Of course, it's Shelia. I don't totally trust her word right now either. Even if she says she will go, she may not go after all and surprise them in court. Total Shelia move.

I do like the fact that Jessica isn't taking this fight sitting down. That she's standing up and letting the rest of the firms know that she isn't going to play dead or get walked on while all of this is going on. But sometimes you've just gotta let things go and move on. It may be time for that. I hope not, but I don't know how else this firm is going to stay in one piece. No one wants to work for them.

Rachel does need to consider life after this is over. Even if Mike doesn't go to jail, I think Scottie is right. Mike will so be jealous of Rachel getting to do the job he loves and being stuck doing something that he hates. Rachel needs to realize that before it's too late.

Gibbs is one tough lady herself. She almost reminds me of a female Harvey. Is that why Harvey is having a hard time fighting her or is Gibbs really misusing her powers in order to get the truth out of people? She did sort of do it once already, how do we know she hasn't done it this whole time? Even though she is right, I don't like her. She's making the firm fall apart. I'll say it again, though. All truth eventually comes to the light, so I shouldn't blame this all on Gibbs.