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Suits "Live To Fight" Episode Review

So, the secrets out on who sold Mike out and even though I am kind of surprised at who it turned out to be, I'm kind of mad at the same time. Because it just makes me feel even sadder for someone else that a loved one did this. All because she felt the need to correct something. Of course, that is just Sheila for you.

Yep, Sheila is the one who wrote that email that tipped them off that Mike is in fact a fraud. While that is the truth, they are still trying to figure out how to make it so that Mike can get out free of charge. If I was Mike, I'd just plead guilty and be done with it. Then again, that would mean all the cases he closed would have to be reopened and all those villains would be set free and then that'd be a whole other set of problems they don't want to deal with.

Not to mention the bad name the firm would get for hiring someone they knew to be a fraud in the first place and not only that, but then Harvey, who's probably one of the best lawyers out there, would go down for it too and Jessica and everybody else who would have known about it.

In the end, just telling the truth would have been the best for everybody, but hindsight is always better. It's not totally Mike's fault that he can't go to a college. Well, it is since he did cheat for someone, but yeah. This is what happens when you lie. 

Rachel, where do I even begin with her? I do like her, don't get me wrong, but it seems to me that she has no idea what to think about the whole situation. She says one thing, then says something else. Girl, just figure out what you want! Stop making us think you might be staying with Mike forever when I think if push came to shove, she might step out of that. She'll start to say one thing, then Mike says something to stop her and then she'll say that's not what she meant. Kind of frustrating if you ask me.

I don't know if we've ever had a flashback of Donna at such a young age. Her father seemed like someone I wasn't picturing to be her father. I don't know who I was picturing. We never knew much about her paste, so I was thinking like some buttoned lawyer type guy I guess. But that's not what we got at all. However, according to Harvey, he didn't seem like a good guy and Donna didn't want to believe that. Harvey being Harvey, wanted to protect Donna and her money, so he told her dad not to take her money that she was gonna offer him. So because of that, I'm guessing, her dad had to do something shady that in present time, Gibbs lawyer lady caught on and wants to do something about it or for Donna to spill the beans on Harvey. Which she won't. No one will. But that won't stop this lawyer lady from trying.

Harvey saves the day again and sets things right with Donna and her dad, but it could make things worse for Mike. They still have to go to trial and figure out how to clear Mike's name. But now it's made worse that Sheila came forward saying she's the one who wrote the email after she said she wouldn't to Louis. Man Louis, that woman is just awful! I wonder if Sheila really thought they were soul mates or if she just said that to twist that knife in further? It wouldn't surprise me if she did something like that. I really hope he doesn't do something crazy. He didn't look happy when Donna told him.