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Suits "Self Defense" Episode Review

How many more people are they going to bring into their already big web of lies? At this rate, it seems like half of New York is gonna go down with them if any of the truth is told. Ok, maybe not half of New York, but a pretty good amount of people will go down if any of the truth is told. 

At this point, I would just say "forget about it" and go to Gibbs and tell her you were right. Of course, they've gone this far, so telling that now may not be a good thing. Still, the truth will set you free and the truth will always find a way to come out no matter how hard you try to stop it.

Mike is wanting to be his own lawyer and Harvey thinks it has bad written all over it. Is that the case or is it because Harvey doesn't want to be sidelined and his precious firm get torn to bits by someone who didn't go to law school? I really don't know what to think with him.

Jessica must be the new Louis. Someone you love one minute and can't stand the next because it's been like that with me for her since this half of the season started. One minute, I'm like "Yes, go Jessica for standing up for yourself and the firm" and the next minute I'm like "How dare you have someone do your dirty work!". Mike isn't all to blame if Pearson/Specter/Litt goes down for all the lying. 

Poor Donna. I have no clue what I would have done in that case. Being suddenly called up to testify about someone I know for a fact is lying. Why didn't big shot lawyers think to prepare Donna? Surely they would call anybody on the stand that works closely with Mike and wouldn't they have thought that Donna would have been one of those people? I guess not because now she's beating herself up for pleading the 5th.

That trial run they did was pretty brutal. So brutal in fact that Mike didn't want to even talk to Harvey for what he had done to Rachel when putting her on the stand. Mike has thought this through, but Harvey was starting to make the fact that Mike hasn't gone go law school show through. That's all he wanted to do, but Mike was not happy to say the least.

After all that effort, Mike in the end, is going to get to be his own lawyer after all. I'm not totally sure what Harvey's game is at right now, but maybe they are trying to throwing Gibbs off and throwing something in unexpected.

Whatever the case may be, I really have a bad feeling that by the end of the season, Pearson/Specter/Litt will no longer be the top firm in New York. I don't think it'll be a firm in New York at all.