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Supergirl "For The Girl Who Has Everything" Episode Review

There's no place like home, even if it's a fake one due to an alien being strapped to you. The episode felt like any other episode, at first. But us viewers knew that something was wrong with Kara, even if it took the first few minutes of the episode for her family to realize that something quite wasn't right. Kara is never late to work, so where is she?

Duh, she's at home with some an alien thing on her! Go help her! Well, they do, but it takes the whole episode for them to figure out how to get this thing off of her without it harming her. So, they have to look to someone unlikely for help. Well, two someones. Astra and Max. Max for the technology to do what needs to be done and Astra for the knowledge of what needs to be done, since the simulation of Momma isn't much help with this situation. Even if you yell at and tell it why you need to save Kara, that doesn't help.

Even though Max is bad, well, way beyond bad, whatever that word is or if there is a word for that, is it wrong to say that I kind of like the chemistry that he and Alex have? You can totally tell that Max has a thing for Alex. Even if Alex is supposed to hate him, I think there might be something deep down there, that she has feelings for him too. Maybe it's just me, but the part when he was like "Ok, what do I need to do?" to her was just wow, he really does like her. Why else would he help someone bring back someone he wanted to destroy?

As in all situations when someone you love is in jeopardy, the loved ones think of the position they are in with that person. Alex thought about it and yelled at a helpless momma simulation. Winn also thought about it and voiced his thoughts to James who immediately calmed him down. Yes, I'm glad that Winn was able to finally (why am I saying finally, it's only been what two episodes?) patch things up with Kara, but in a way, it felt so fast. Of course, that is TV time, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Really loved how Alex went to James of all people to let him know that if Hank wants to pull Alex out too early while going under to save Kara, for James to stop him. I didn't know James had it in him. I like seeing that James. It was different and kind of like "wow, where did that come from?!". Of course, the love of his life was also at risk, even if he hasn't voiced his feelings for Kara totally, you know they have something.

Well, their plan worked. Kara and Alex got out of that world she was trapped in but here's something I wasn't expecting. For Kara to want revenge! For a second there, with how she was just standing there, I first thought that maybe this either wasn't Kara or she was going to be sad that she had to leave that place. She really went at Non fighting. I'm glad that they still put up a big fight and weren't easy to kill. There was one death, though. I'm not sure how I feel about Hank covering for Alex (Alex killed Astra, but only because she was about to kill Hank) about that death, but I do think that it was sort of good in a way that he did. Kara didn't need that right then.

I think Kara is gonna have major fixings to do when she gets back to work. Not only was she three hours late, but Hank is the one who ended up stepping in for her and he did not do a very good job. He had no idea what it meant to be an assistance and almost cost Kara her job. Cat was already mad though. Her speech about not letting the whole Adam thing affect her mood at work was a big fat lie. It totally did to a point where it basically affected Kara's work. This will probably be like the friendship with Winn, it'll get fixed within the next episode or a few episodes after that. Not that that's a bad thing, though. I don't want Kara to lose her job.