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Supergirl "Truth, Justice and the American Way" Episode Review

This episode reflected on everything Kara/Supergirl should stand for. Truth, justice and the American way. But even superheroes tend to, even if they aren't human, tend to act like they are human when it comes to someone they can't stand. I.E. Max.

Sure, Max is the big bad, the evil one. But locking him up without getting any rights, is just like what Max was doing to his Supergirl recreations, without the body changing/mind changing stuff that is. Nobody seemed to care that Kara locked him up, that is until James said something.

Of course it would be James who got Kara's attention that what she was doing is wrong. That and the fact that he didn't want to lie about something else at work now that the Max missing has became headline news. Poor guy, he did warn Lucy about working with him. She just didn't listen and took the job anyways. I have a feeling (or maybe it's just wishful thinking) that that could end their relationship.

I have a feeling that if they kept the Cat finding out about Kara's identity going, that it would help out her job a little. But since they didn't and things with Adam ended badly, Cat is just being a boss (even if it makes her other employee mad, but that would just be a bonus for Cat) and hiring someone else who is showing Kara that she isn't doing her job very well. Yes, I love Kara working at the place and she needs it. But in a way, Cat is just being a good boss (of course I'm sure that's not what her first thinking was on hiring someone new) and hiring someone who goes above and beyond what being an assistant means. This new assistant is good, but she just pushes Kara's buttons that just makes it wrong and of course she'd have a thing for James. Why didn't Kara just out right say "Oh, he's dating Lucy"? It would have been done with right then and there.

The new big bad, the jailer. Someone who I thought was human at first glance, but first impressions are often wrong. In fact, he wasn't human at all! His quest is to rid other aliens! Ones who were in the prison world that Kara's mom sent evil aliens to. He put up quite a fight, but of course, Kara was better. 

I can understand Hank not wanting Alex to tell Kara about what really happened with her aunt, but still, the hating on Hank is starting to get to me. Sure, it was her aunt, but she was about to kill Hank and Alex just reacted to how she was trained. Kara does deserve to know the truth, but I'm not sure if now is a good time for that or not.

In the end, thanks to what James said, Kara decided to let Max go. That may not have been the best move, but still this is for the better.