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Vampire Diaries "Postcards From The Edge" Episode Review

Damon is back! Well, Damon has been here the whole time, but I'm talking about the Damon that was way back from season 1. The one who didn't care who he killed and wanted to make everybody's life miserable. He's a vampire, that's what he's supposed to do.

But I'm not sure if that was quite the message Henry had in mind when he said "You have to release yourself". However, with Damon upset thinking he killed the love of his life (come on buddy, we all know you didn't, you just haven't see the flash forward episode from the premiere to know that yet), that's the place he goes to. Thinking he's lost everybody he loves by driving them away and how he just wants to be alone and go on a killing spree. Yep, seen this before and it doesn't turn out too well, but in a way, I kind of like having this Damon back again. And hanging out with Julian at some fight to the death club spot he has going on. Damon does all too well with it and when he kills the best fighter out there, Julian rethinks his decision about hanging out with Damon in the first place and calls it all off!

I've been rewatching Vampire Diaries and it makes me realize that even though we do have vampires on the show, they aren't like they were back in the day. Of course, that is just growth of a character, but in a way, I almost miss the actual vampires. The scary ones who would come up behind you when you least expect it. But not that it's bad for change, I just realized that with rewatching season one, we don't totally have that anymore.

Aw, the lovely heretics are back and that's something else I actually missed. I realized that last week. I just wanted them to get back to the heretics, Julian and everything else and I think that's why I enjoyed this episode so much. All except for Mary Louise. Nothing totally against her, but she is so negative that she was almost becoming annoying. Oh what am I saying, she was annoying.

Why do I get a funny feeling that they didn't kill the actual Rena? For someone who's been around this whole time, you'd think she wouldn't be so easy to kill. Didn't one of the heretics say that anyways? That she's not easy to kill? So what makes Enzo think he can do it so easily or think that he has actually accomplished killing her? I wonder if that's why they are so surprised in the three years from now that she is out for them again. 

I didn't think I would actually be happy to see Enzo but I was! Since he was there to save Bonnie and one of those other small moments I saw where I think "Uh, I could actually see Enzo and Bonnie happening now" kind of moments. Bonnie, don't hide the fact that you were more then grateful for Enzo to save you. Well, of course she was, but she was happier about something else too, just didn't want to admit it. Side not: Enzo was the one who sent them the notes so he could track her down. But I highly doubt that she is gone since we know some Huntress is after them three years from now.

Something I was surprised at. Does Stefan perhaps have feelings for Elena still or was it just the fact of losing a friend and once former girlfriend that made him so mad in the first place? I was just surprised that Stefan acted the way he did when Damon said he "killed" Elena. Stefan actually hit Damon! I was thinking he was going to talk some sense into Damon, going are you sure you really killed Elena? But that didn't happen. In fact, Stefan was so furious, that he finally did what needed to be done since we first met Julian, Julian is finally dead! I wanted to stand up and cheer (but I couldn't since I'm the only one up right now) when that happened. Finally, he's gone! Does this mean we can get the awesome town that once was Mystic Falls back? I've gotta admit that I've missed that odd little town.

Poor Caroline. Stefan must have a one track mind because he doesn't even think to consider what could be going on with the love of his life who is stuck in a hospital bed due to the babies sucking the vampire magic out of her little by little. I was almost kind of mad that he didn't think to check in on her. Boy is he gonna be mad when he comes in for a visit only to find Caroline stone cold in a hospital bed. Let's just hope that they have some sort of magic or something to bring her back. Well, we know she comes back, we just don't know how. Because she's alive and well in the three years from now. 

Speaking of three years from now. Was that Penny was saw in the reflection of who's after them or was it someone else? If it is Penny, the reason Matt is working for her would make complete sense. Since Penny admitted to thinking that Matt was cute and they totally had a small moment there at the end when he was telling her what Mystic Falls is really all about. That would make sense as to why he would be "working" for her, but not really since he still wants his friends to be safe. Why can't they just jump ahead 3 years from now? That part is always amazing that I want to know more about. Not just getting a glimpse here and there. 

What did you think about tonight's episode? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. When Rayna's older body was burned by Enzo, a new, younger, version of herself was (I guess) reincarnated from the burning of her body. You can see her rise in the smoke filled room from behind the glass, staring down Enzo. Then at the very end of the episode in the flash forward, this is the same girl we see revealed as the one holding Stefan and Damon captive.

    Reincarnation is just my best guess of how it happened, I think Rayna needed a way to get out of that hospital and die, so she could start again as a young woman. Probably part of the shaman's spell. But she's definitely the huntress. Somehow Enzo knew this, though why he'd want to help a hunter that wants to kill like ALL VAMPIRES is beyond me.. He obviously is working with someone who has more info, and perhaps that person IS Penny. But then again Penny could be exactly what she appeared to be, a nosy cop who know knows there's a supernatural world.

    1. Ok, that makes sense. Penny could just be a normal person on the show, but I always have a few suspicions when a new person gets introduced this late into the game. Maybe that's why Enzo has been gone for so long? That he's been helping a mysterious someone with the Huntress stuff?

    2. Oh I totally agree about landing on the side of suspicion with any new characters on this show lol. And yes, I agree this is why Enzo has been absent all this time, he was looking for Rayna. Bonnie, Nora, and ML led him right to her, after he sent the warning "x" cards. I have a hard time imagining that whoever he is working for/with is someone we've already met... Again unless it's Penny, or the new chick that saved Damon and hooked up with him.. I just can't think of any apparent personal motivation for Enzo doing this.. Even if he wanted Julian dead, setting the Huntress loose in MF would be about the worst way to do it. Now Julian is dead anyway, so I hope the hell that wasn't his reason.. Maybe the accomplice has leverage of some kind over Enzo? Or maybe Enzo thinks because he helped the Huntress he can somehow control who she goes after, but that's just stupid.


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