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Vampire Diaries "Things We Lost In The Fire" Episode Review

So, I was wrong. That really was the real world we saw last week when Damon "killed" everybody when he woke up. But I knew that they wouldn't kill everybody off in the midseason. Especially since they've shown us three years from now and everybody is alive and well. Well, as alive you can be for a vampire. 

Of course, everybody somehow decided to forgive Damon for what he did, since he "wasn't in his right mind". Yeah, it's just Damon being Damon I guess, but really? If someone had killed me, I think I would have been a little upset about it. But that's not the end of their hell, I'm afraid. Not even for Stefan who thought he had gotten out free without any repercussions. Yeah right. Nothing on this show is never that easy.

That stone isn't done with them yet. Listen to Julian, he knows. He's been there. Of course, they think that Julian is just messing with them, so they won't, but they need to. It would be easy. Just be nice to him for a change. It could come in handy later on. But will they? Nope, they will probably deal with this personal hell in the real world a lot longer then they need to because they won't go to the one person that could probably help them.

Parties. You know what that means, something bad is gonna eventually happen. They can't seem to have a party, baby or otherwise in this show without something bad happening at it. I guess that's what happens when Bonnie decided to invite a heretic without letting anyone else know that someone they used to hate is coming. It would have been easy to say that and hey, Matt wouldn't have almost choked to death because of it, but then again, it wouldn't be a vampire party without it, so yeah. 

The baby shower was quite interesting. I wouldn't want Tyler anywhere near a child anyways. I mean, the guy is a werewolf. If he'd get mad, watch out! So, seeing him in that diaper game and the head somehow popping off was a bit scary but kind of laughable at the same time. Like how in the world did he manage that? Alaric, phew, was perfect, thank goodness since it is his kids he's gonna have to take care of.

I don't think Alaric realizes what he's getting into. He's having twins and he thinks he can manage to somehow do that and have a job all by himself? Yeah right. I think he'll need Caroline later on. Even if she doesn't want to say it, though she clearly does. Because it's getting close to the time for them to come out and she keeps saying she doesn't want anything to do with them, but you can totally tell she does by the look on her face and it's made even clearer when she learns Alaric is moving away from all this scary stuff.

I should have known that Stefan's personal hell would have to be with Damon. Having to save him, but he would end up having to die in the process. Only to realize that he has to let Damon go in order to survive. Though that could be the case, I don't know if that is wise. Damon isn't great, but I don't know what Damon would do if Stefan wasn't with him. 

Speaking of Damon, aw where to begin? First he "kills" all his friends. Then Stefan tries to help him readjust because he knows what he's going through, but has gotten on the other side of it (yeah right). Next, Stefan is distracted when Julian comes pounding on their vehicle (you killed my best friend!) and Damon escapes and Stefan is sitting there thinking he's talking to Damon when he actually isn't. Yeah, so much for being over that. 

So, Damon is thinking he needs to see Elena. I really don't know why. I don't know why you'd want to see someone who wouldn't be able to talk to you. But guess who it is instead? Henry, the guy who's been haunting Damon saying "this isn't really you, you have to let the real you get out" stuff the whole episode. So, what does Damon do? Any smart vampire who can't go near fire, would do. Burn the body! Oops, it's really Elena! There goes Elena! Though I doubt that was really her. Why would Tyler of all people, be the one guarding Elena in some strange storage place in the first place? I think it was just a decoy. But Damon doesn't know that and really thinks that the love of his life is really gone. Now we go down that Damon path of probably death and destruction. Maybe not, but I think he should have told Stefan. He won't though, which will just add more fuel to the fire for later on.

Three years from now. Yay, I thought for just a second that since all this stone stuff was going on, that the three years from now might have possibly changed. But it looks like things are still in tact. We actually now know who's coming after them! Some Huntress lady. Why do I feel like it might be someone we know? Or maybe I'm just wishful thinking. But Matt, who we haven't seen at all in the three years from now is in fact alive and working for the bad lady? I kind of highly doubt that. Since he freed Caroline. I think he's a double agent of some sort. I do think that it is someone we know. Why else would they be keeping her identity a secret this long?