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Vampire Diaries "This Woman's Work" Episode Review

You know, I have loved the little clips we have gotten from the three years from now since the beginning, I just didn't know why we were getting them until this episode tonight. Most of the questions I have had after I have seen those clips, have been answered. Not only that, but I know for a fact that The Originals and Vampire Diaries crossover is next week and we saw Caroline say to her daughters (or step daughters?) in the clip tonight that she's going to New Orleans. Which makes me believe that we are gonna jump ahead three years from now.

Of course that could just be me wishful thinking. Since I do wish they would just jump ahead already. I find that part more exciting then the actual present time we are in. Not only that but the fact that Stefan is now on the run makes me wonder if we will even see Stefan for the rest of the season. Yes, I'm a Stefan's girl, so I'm hoping that we jump ahead to the three years from now because I know he's in there.

Ok, back to the present where it's pretty crazy. But just a typical day when you're in a town full of vampires. Nothing is ever normal with them. Not even giving birth. Man, they can't have anything normal, can they? Parties, holidays, nothing. So, I guess giving birth isn't going to be anything special. Not only is Caroline literally fighting for her "life" (well, she is a vampire, she's dead, but just trying to stay alive? Not really sure how to put that) and trying to get the babies out is easier said then done.

Stefan, being the good boyfriend he is (since when is he ever not? Oh wait, when he goes on a rippah binge), gets the heretics out there to save her life while trying to deliver the babies. Yes, I said heretics and save a life in the same sentence. You know, after Julian and Lily are gone, they actually aren't bad people. I think they just had bad influences on them. Of course, not physically being there to see what's going on, I could see why Alaric would be worried. He heard heretics and he knew something would go wrong, but you need not worry buddy, Stefan and Damon have everything under control. Well, as much control as they can when a Huntress is after them.

I'm not sure why I didn't put two and two together before. Duh, Huntress = Hunter like Jeremy! Makes total sense now why the Huntress is going after them. Though not totally, since Jeremy had a quest to finish a map. That's done with, but I think Rayna is just on revenge. Julian made her kill her father when she was young, so now she's outed all vampires as bad. Well, yes, they are vampires and vampires are bad, but let's not get into that right now.

Aw Enzo, what does the creepy Huntress lady have over you to blackmail your used to be best friend and your future girlfriend into doing stuff for you so that she gets what she wants? It really makes me wonder. Of course, it is Enzo, so he probably did something awful to someone or along that line that made her not like him.

Caroline is alive and well. Well, as alive as a vampire can be. Her babies are cute, but oddly quiet for newborns. Anybody else find that weird or was it just me? I wonder if Stefan going on the run and Caroline having no one to turn to is why Alaric and Caroline might start to grow closer? Tonight, for the first time ever, I could actually see them being a cute family together.

So sad, we are down one heretic. Bo lost his life to the Huntress tonight. After finding out how she's the one who made him not speak in the first place. But still, it was sad to see him go. Now everybody else is on the run from her. Even Stefan who tried to save Damon from getting sent back to the stone of hell. Which made Stefan go on the run and try to get ahead of the Huntress. Which I doubt is useless, but I like this new big bad they have introduced. I didn't like Julian and the heretics are just sort of there now not really doing anything. They needed a new big villain and they have one. Even if it is an Elena look-a-like (which Damon does point out, btw). I don't even mind the fact that it's a girl for a change and not a guy. But I won't get into that. Just feel free to tell me what you thought of tonight's episode below in the comments.