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Castle "And Justice For All" Episode Review

Although this was a fun case, I am confused about one thing. I thought the whole Castle losing his memories was already taken care of when he learned he had to help someone save the world? So, when he remembered something, I was a bit surprised and wondering myself if I had missed something.

After last week's intense episode, it was nice to take things easy again. Their new case is an odd one. But when it comes to Castle's world, when are they ever not? Castle is trying to write his next Nikki Heat book, but he has no inspiration. Perhaps it's because he can't work directly with his wife anymore and it's starting to get to him. Don't worry buddy, you aren't the only ones it's starting to get to.

While I don't totally mind the sneaking around anymore (it annoyed me at first - seemed a little childish), I just want them back the way it used to be. Someone is bound to slip up or catch them in the act and then it'll be over. But until then, they have to sneak around and I think that's the reason why Castle might be having writer's block. 

His PI firm isn't anything like he had hoped it would be. He's only getting to pick up the lame small cases. Something that won't help him get into writing. Then there's the NYPD's new case. A animal caretaker is found in the snake pit at his work! Now that's the kind of case Castle wants to get his hands on, but how? His only lead in, he can't do anymore. So, now he has to find another way in. 

Which he always does. There isn't a case that Castle hasn't solved yet after their "split". Castle helps in a big way, too. Going undercover as a student in the English class was too funny. Trying to figure out who wrote that text all to learn that it had nothing to do with that at all. 

Poor Eddie, he was just trying to help each person get into a better situation. But he stumbled onto something that he didn't think he would. The teacher was just using his class as a bigger pay day. Turning over the people who didn't have green cards all to send them to jail and he'd get a cut in the pay. How awful!

So nice to see Haley on the show and actually be helpful. We only see her once in awhile and sometimes only for a short few minutes and that's it. This time, it was different. She was a big help, not only in translating for them, but also for trying to set a trap (that backfired, oh well). I would like to see Kate and Castle working together once again, but eventually it'll happen, I hope.