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Castle "G.D.S." Episode Review

Castle gets invited to one of the coolest things ever for a detective or a writer. Something that was supposedly not real, is actually indeed real and they are recruiting new members!

Even though this meant that this would put aside the true reason he came to Hollywood (to search out his missing memories), he was all for it. I mean, Castle being recruited by a secret society of the best of the best detectives? That's so something he'd be all over and I wouldn't be surprised if he would put this in one of his next books because that's just so him.

Phillip Harris, the case that will land Castle a seat in the society, he was a PI that was onto a major thing. A serial killer who worked in California and in New York? Wow, that's gotta be a lot of work, so it made more sense when Ryan put two and two together that there is actually two at play working together. Not just one killer going back and forth because that would be kind of insane.

No Kate at all in this episode. No mention of where she was, either. Which I always find it odd. When the main star is gone, at least have a reason where she's at. Oh, she's at a conference which would be a good excuse since she is the captain. But nothing. Though I oddly wasn't too annoyed by it, but still. No awesome Caskett conversations via the phone.

Remember the producer of Castle's awful movie? Poor guy was so excited to get a movie from his book, but it bombed horribly. Well, the producer was in fact the one killing. He didn't strike me at all as someone who would be a serial killer. Then again, I guess it just goes to show you never really know someone and everybody could have a dark side which is just way more creepy when you think about it. Though Castle did win the and was voted in, he decided not to take it since he already works with one of the best things out there. His wife!

Ok, I can see office high jinks as a thing, but could it possibly be that Espo just isn't ready for Lanie to date someone new and that's why he and Ryan went in on doing this awful joke to her? Lanie wanted Ryan to look into her new boyfriend, but they started making up awful lies about the guy until she confronted her new boyfriend herself which ended in a break up after she found out that he indeed had something awful which she wouldn't speak of. Still, the things they were doing to her were just mean.

With Kate gone, that meant that Haley was able to take the lead as the leading lady this week. Someone who I have started to grow more fond of over the past episodes that she's been in more. Though for a minute there, I had a fleeting thought that she was going to be bad and the main reason why Castle had his memories wiped, but fear not, she was involved in nothing of the sort! Thank goodness. Castle would not have been thrilled if she hurt his daughter.

In fact, she was sent by Jackson to help track down Castle and make sure he was safe! Aw, daddy dearest to the rescue again, even if it's from afar and he has to send someone else to do it. Castle got in over his head after he had helped the CIA. But I never saw it coming and I'm actually really pleased this time to learn why in fact he had his memories wiped.

Unlike last time, I was highly disappointed to find out that all he did was help the CIA. That's so Castle, but still, I was waiting for something awesome to happen and they either fixed their mistake or this was the plan all along. Remember that little side project that Kate is working on? Well, of course you do, that's the reason why Castle and Kate have to sneak around and pretend in public that they hate each other. Castle in fact first learned of Lockset and he now believes he's the reason why it opened up and people are dying! I don't think that's the real reason there buddy, but it is nice to know that hopefully Castle and Kate will have one big explosive season finale and a couple episodes leading up to it and that they are tied together whether she wants to know or not. I'm sure she'll find out eventually. One big case like this and they are both apart of it? Yeah, that won't be kept secret for long.