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Girl Meets World "Legacy" (Season Finale) Episode Review

The season finale of Girl Meets World was on tonight and it addressed the biggest story on the show. The whole Lucas/Riley/Maya situation. Here are my thoughts on the episode:

First off, after watching it, I am now shipping Riley and Lucas even more now. You can tell right off the bat that they have and want more then just friendship, but neither one wants to hurt Maya and possibly have her do something horrible in return. I.E. what Shawn would do if something bad happened to him.
Second, I believe that Maya has just a crush on Lucas. Though why no one won't point this out to her is beyond me. Maya didn't like Lucas until way later. She always teased him. Or maybe she liked him all along and just realized what her feelings meant. But I still think it is just a crush. I miss the way Maya used to tease Lucas.
Third, I love the how they got Cory to come to high school with them! Though I was expecting it, (he is the Mr. Feeny of the show after all!), I wasn't expecting it to go down quite like it did.
Fourth, I really like how Lucas was choosing friendship over relationship. Once they get into high school, I'm sure something will come in to change that. Maybe not too much, but it's high school. Emotions get harder there. It is nice that this show is teaching kids that you can choose friends and not have to hurt your best friend just to get to a guy or not jump to anything if you don't know what's going on.
I'm still not totally thrilled that they are having two best friends like the same guy. Friends don't totally do that, but I guess it's just showing us how to go about it the mature way without hopefully hurting anybody in the process.
Still, I'm really hoping that Maya may meet someone new in high school and she'll be able to let Riley be happy and be with the person she so obviously wants to be with. But I am hoping that nothing happens too soon and that their friendship will stay in tact. However, much worse stuff happened with Shawn and Cory and they are still best friends till this day. I'm just hoping the same will go for Maya and Riley and that no one will hate the other if one of them ends up with Lucas.