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Hawaii Five-0 "Waiwai (Assets)" Episode Review

The team must stop some black ops info from getting put into the wrong hands when a Russian spy goes to all lengths to get it.

First off, I wanna say that either I wasn't paying attention or maybe it was just me, but I felt like when they were doing the previously ons, they cut to present time and then went back to previously on? Because I don't remember Catherine calling Steve at all since she left and I'm pretty caught up on the show and they have done some odd editing in the past so I wasn't sure if that was one of those or if I completely don't remember that scene at all.

Ok, enough with my rant about that. This episode was actually pretty good. I was hoping it would turn out differently, but I didn't care in the end with how it all went down. Anna, the Russian spy who looked an awful lot like Catherine if you ask me, would go to any lengths to get black op names. Now the team must try to figure that out while trying to figure out why this IA person is after their team. 

Little do they know, that they have a spy within their midst. I'm so glad Abby finally told Chin. I hope we get to see how he reacts to it because I am really curious myself. Here's someone he's fallen hard for.  I haven't seen Chin this happy in a long time and so I hope that something can work out between them. They are a cute couple and Chin deserves to be happy. With all the luck he's had with ladies, I just feel bad for him. It seems like no one in shows lately, have a good steady relationship. Then again, that could be why shows stay exciting at the same time. 

Anyways, this Russian lady is one tough woman. She got this guy to fall head of heals for her just so he could get downloaded info. I'll give him this one, that he was smart enough to make it so that only he can get to the info. Here I was thinking that he had just completely outed Catherine, but thank goodness that wasn't the case.

Yep, Steve learned of what Catherine is really up to. But could she be in trouble or just missing Steve? Why would someone who is deep undercover and someone they can't even get ahold of (which I also found was odd) be calling Steve? Could she be in deep trouble and no one knows it or is she just missing Steve and wanting to hear his voice? After I learned she was deep cover and they couldn't get ahold of her, I am starting to have my doubts about her safety.

That and if that awful break up truly is the last time we've seen her and I don't believe it is. I really liked Catherine and Steve together. Even though she did break his heart and he's mad to learn the truth about why she left him, he understands why she did it. Not many people understand why they do what they do. But he's been in that very position before, so he totally knows what she was going through. So maybe that's why he understood. I just hope that if Catherine does come back, that they can hopefully start over and become a thing again.


  1. The phone call thing was from 6.05 but he didn't know who was calling as it just seemed to be hang-up calls.

    I think he may have understood why she chose not to tell him the truth but nothing really has changed otherwise. As he said, she chose to take a job that is not where he is and he said he wouldn't wait for her any more. Instead of doing earthquake relief he found out she has been working for the CIA. There are just too many parallels with Doris for this relationship to work out.


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