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NCIS "After Hours" Episode Review

There's always another shoe that drops. They never have this easy of a case. One that is open and shut so quickly. The minute Gibbs had that odd look at the end of the first scene, I knew something was up. His gut was telling him something, but what was it?

Throughout the whole episode, I knew myself that something was wrong with the case, but I just wasn't sure what it was. Then one by one, the team started to not let it go. Just certain things didn't add up. Which made them finally return to the scene of the crime to figure them out.

Even if it meant that perfect nights with their loved ones or first dates, would be ruined. Delilah and McGee! So glad they still have her on once in a while. Would love to see her more, but it's awesome whenever she can be on the show. Their download dinner was cute. Get all the work stuff out of the way, then they can talk about whatever else. However, that dinner was going to be different and Delilah wasn't happy.

I can see her not wanting work to get in the way of their relationship. She doesn't want to turn into another Ellie with her marriage where all they had in common was their work and once they couldn't talk about it anymore, they didn't have much after that. It makes sense. I don't think that's what will become of their relationship. However, Delilah was not at all pleased that McGee started obsessing with the case. Something didn't add up and he knew it.

Aw Tony and his date backfired. Probably the minute they walked through the door of his home, something was bound to make it end. Work or otherwise. That lady just wasn't totally Tony's type and I wonder if that could be why he asked her out? Kate the fish has returned in the last season Tony will be in! Awesome touch there! I didn't know Tony could sing, let alone play the piano. How awesome to learn that! That's when Tony realized something with the case was off.

Then Gibbs. He tried to have a quiet night at home. Eat dinner and watch TV. But that case, whatever it was that he saw in the beginning, was bugging him so much that he couldn't just sit and let it be. So, where does he go? But to the basement to work on whatever he's working on this time. In comes Ellie who also has found out something odd about the case. The guy was moved at the crime scene! Now why would the two witnesses leave something like that out?

I'm glad that the case turned out the way it did. The girl ended up killing the guy mainly because of self defense. She went to prison a long time ago and he was an awful guard that did awful things to her and was about to do them again if there wasn't a gun involved. It was nice to see that they decided to let her go off with a self defense charge and her friend was just trying to help her out, thinking it would lessen the blow if it ended up being more of just self defense.

It was an awesome case and an episode that had me guessing. Wondering what Gibbs' gut was telling him the whole time. Something was off and he knew it, then the rest of the team realized something was off. Seeing them all work together even if they weren't together was just, well, I don't know what else to say except for: awesome.