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NCIS: LA "Exchange Rate" Episode Review

The team must try and figure out where a prisoner went off to. Hetty is missing and Anna is there?! 

The only thing that has bugged me about this show so far, is that after meeting Callen's father, that was like it. There was a brief mention here, but it was more in passing. Hello, he had a big moment happen, why are we just sweeping that under the rug? Maybe it'll be made more significant later, but I was just expecting at least a little talk about it and more serious then in an argument between Sam and Callen.

Sam and Callen always have something they are "arguing" about. I wouldn't call it full on arguing, but they are always talking about something. This time, it was the fact that Callen has no furniture. I feel like they've had this talk before and Sam should realize that's just who Callen is, but it was still fun. "I offered you a bean bag!". 

Then there's the age old argument between Deeks and Kensi. Mainly Kensi who seems to be so messy and Deeks is having a hard time dealing with it. You knew that before she moved in and shouldn't you have taken that into consideration? Deeks is having such a hard time that he's showering at work and Kensi isn't thrilled about it! Deeks, you can't change someone unless they want to be changed.

All the couples/friends seemed to be going through something in this episode. It was nice to see this side of the show. Eric and Nell are totally cute together! They are best friends, but it's clear that they want to be more, they just don't want to. Or maybe it's just Eric who wants more and Nell just wants to be friends. Either way, they are so much fun to watch and Eric is worried that they could potentially have an argument like Deeks and Kensi. Nell doesn't think so, but they end up having one. Because Eric felt the need to stand up to Granger after he was treating Nell kind of harshly. They did get through it, but it was kind of rocky for them for a little bit there.

Arcady is back! You know when that happens something bad is bound to happen. I thought he was lying the whole time saying he didn't know Anna was there when in fact he did know. But he was actually telling the truth for once! 

I knew that there was more going on with this case then we knew about. There was just something off and stuff wasn't adding up. Where was Hetty? Well, I knew she and Anna had to be working together somehow. She doesn't just disappear when Anna is around and they were working together. But it took a wrong turn when the guy they were getting ended up realizing that they were on to him and kidnapped Anna! Callen to the rescue!

Aw Sam, I'm actually with you on this one. Callen so has feelings for Anna and vice versa they just don't want to say anything. Though having a father like Arcady may be the reason why they don't want to say anything. I'm just hoping that we may get something between them soon. 

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below!