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NCIS: LA "Revenge Deferred" Episode Review

Man, another mole? When will this team ever get a chance to rest from that? Just something else to add to their plate while Sam and Callen go down to a country to find Jada and her brother.

All for Sam to learn that someone's been watching his whole family! That's when they learn they have a new mole to deal with. Who could it be? Someone we perhaps know this time or will it be someone completely random who we have never seen like the last time?

Not only do they have to do deal with that, but they had to deal with Jada's brother who's obsessed with hunting down Sam. Probably to do with wanting to get Jada to safe ground. He's an awful guy. Trying to make Sam think twice about how he feels about his family. If this guy only knew what really happened. Well, maybe he does and that's why he was pushing Sam's buttons like he was.

Deeks and Kensi have their own little war going on that they have to deal with. After getting help from a guy about what might possibly be going on, he ends up getting kidnapped and almost killed! Poor guy! Now they had to save his life again! Will he ever get a rest?

Another time I don't totally trust Granger. I always wonder about his trust, but maybe I should stop guessing after all these years he's been on. He's just someone that I just can't fully trust and I don't know why.

Thank goodness that in the end, Jada ended up being ok. I was happy that she wasn't kidnapped again and facing death because of her brother. It's on the contrary. This guy that had her, ended up being her fiancé! Glad she was able to move on, but kind of sad at how hurt Sam looked. He tried to look happy, but I could tell Sam was sad as well. Hello, you have a wife at home! I don't know if he loved Jada like that still, but it was hard for him to deal with this. I'm glad that this case with Jada is done with and she can go on and be happy. Even if her brother escaped. But she shouldn't worry. He's after Sam, not her hopefully. Now Sam just has to go back home and hopefully nothing bad happens to him, his friends or his family.