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NCIS: LA "The Seventh Child" Episode Review

The team try to stop more possible terrorist bombs from going off that are using kids to do their dirty work!

It creeps me out in a way when any of the NCIS' take this kind of route. Using a kid and brainwashing him into thinking he was abandoned and only used as one purpose. To get to God in Heaven by a suicide bomb. 

Even though it creeped me out, it made for a very exciting hour of TV. It's awful to think that this stuff actually happens out there. I knew Sam would be good with the kids, but who knew Callen would actually be able to talk down this one kid.

All because they gave them hope. They do have a family. Someone who wants them and someone who didn't even know they had another kid. That was the kicker to get the kids off of bombing everybody. 

Then there's the fact that Kensi and Deeks are talking about possibly having a baby! Kensi is more then wiling to have on. Where as Deeks on the other hand, is a little more hesitant. Sure, it would end a lot of stuff, but like he said, it would be the beginning of a lot of good stuff too. Who knows where he actually landed on that subject. But it did lead to one important question we will hopefully see played out in later episodes! 

He basically asked Kensi to marry him! She basically said yes, but not with that proposal. Which is somewhat surprising. You'd think Kensi wouldn't care too much about where it happened, but I guess that just shows that she's like every other girl out there that has put some thought into when and where it would take place. Let's just hope we see a wedding in their future!

Callen connected to this little boy so much so that he has decided that he'd be safe with him! I loved the ending when Callen was there with the little boy getting ready to meet his real family. Someone who welcomed him with open arms. It was nice that they accepted him. No questions asked. I'm sure they will have stuff to deal with later on, but it was nice that it ended happy. That this kid and the other kids Sam saved will be able to live hopefully normal lives.