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NCIS: New Orleans "If It Bleeds, It Leads" Episode Review

The episode I've been waiting for! Why was Brody getting all of those strange pictures? Was her sister's accident a murder or just an accident? All those questions are finally answered!

Their new case was a hit and run that has turned into murder, not suicide, but something sparked with Brody when they mentioned one word. What's going on with her? Then we learn that it all has to do with her sister's death. She's been thinking for months now that her sister's death was not an accident and Brody's inclinations have been more right then wrong lately, so for Pride to basically say "I don't trust you!" was a slap in the face.

I wanted to yell at him and go "Really?!". She's solved a couple big cases for you because she went with her gut saying that this one person didn't do it! Of course, that wouldn't do any good, mainly because he couldn't hear me and it wouldn't be right to yell at a boss, but still. I was pretty upset when he uttered those words to her. Glad to know that she was actually right! Let's just hope he'll think twice about that next time!

Then there's the way they treated poor Sebastian. Ok sure, he's the conspiracy king and Brody knew that before stepping into his office and asking for his help. But he wouldn't lead her on with out solid proof and I was thrilled for him too, when we learned that the two/three cases were all connected!

I was so glad to learn that my suspicions about Emily's ex fiancé weren't right. I had a dreading thought towards the middle of the episode that he was in fact that one who did the killings. Why else would he call Brody off the hunt to finding out who did it? But in fact, it was his father who did it. All to keep their paper going and alive. 

Brody finally has closure and so does that man they thought killed Emily. It was so sweet for Brody to go visit him when this was all said and done. Probably one of the main reasons why Brody is my favorite character. She's awesome at her job, but she also does small things like this that make her different from other characters on the show. I'm so glad she was right and that we can move past this and hopefully see the Brody that decides to move on with her life because life is worth living.