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NCIS: New Orleans "Means To An End" Episode Review

Finally, here I was thinking that they would actually get to the whole point of Pride having a bounty on his head all to find out it was just a distraction. Still, it was a very awesome episode!

Yes, I'm still a little mad at the fact that they hardly ever talk about the bounty on Pride's head. You'd think if someone really was out to kill him, they'd be trying more and I thought that this was their chance. Getting to Laurel because they couldn't get to Pride.

Boy was I wrong. Don't get me wrong, I loved the episode and the twist, but still, like I said, it's kind of annoying that you'd think with Pride having a bounty it'd be brought up once in a while. Not just randomly thrown in. He's had like no attacks on him.

It was brave of the militia group to go after Laurel just for a distraction, though. They really do know how Pride works. If you mess with his family, he'll be furious with you until he gets to the bottom of it. But I knew that the two cases (the one Chris mentioned at the beginning) were going to have to intertwine somehow. I've watched shows too long and they hardly ever go on different cases in one episode.

They were all linked. The break in Chris and Brody were researching had to do with the seals that Zed had a team watching. But was it really Zed watching them or do they have the wrong guy? Sure, he was the first reason why they locked him up, but Karen (Pride's ex partner) thinks otherwise.

It was nice that this episode didn't end up being a two parter like I was thinking towards the end. That it was wrapped up. But I kind of saw the bad guy coming. I knew the lawyer wasn't straight to begin with. Something was up. Why would she be going to bat for someone who clearly was watching Pride? She was in fact that main one in charge!

They were planning on kidnapping Laurel, but thanks to Laurel's quick thinking and her attacker being a drug addict, she was able to quickly change their plans and they had to go another route. But this wasn't just about Laurel. Zed or the lawyer, was working with Syria because they wanted revenge on the seals for killing their boss!

So, I'm not entirely sure if this really had to do with Pride's bounty or if this was just one hit on his head down or not, but it was still a very exciting episode. Well done!