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NCIS: New Orleans "Radio Silence" Episode Review

I always love it when Laurel comes to visit! Even if in this episode, she came baring sort of bad news. She wants to drop out of college! But why? 

After hearing that Pride's mind is scrambling for a reason why. This is so unlike his daughter to do it. Is she crumbling under the pressure or issues with the boyfriend or worse? Nope, just something normal everybody goes through. Is this my truth path, music, or is there something else out for me? Then there goes Pride thinking he might have pushed her too hard to go into music.

Which doesn't seem like a total Pride move at all. Sure, it reminds him of the good old days when he hears his daughter play and music is in their bloods, but his daughter never totally struck me as the type to do something just because her daddy wanted her too. Of course, those relationships are tricky, but it was kind of a surprise to me to hear this. 

Good for Pride for making a deal with his daughter to make sure she finishes out the semester and then they can go from there. Not to drop out right then and there. I hope we get to hear her decision. Seeing as we never see her boyfriend again, let alone know what is going on with him with what happened to him.

Their new case is quite an interesting one. This guy that the host to a radio station knows, calls in to make a donation to a charity. Only to have his murder be heard on who knows how many people listen to that station. I don't know why it took the whole episode for Kayla to admit that her and Grant had more of just friendship in mind, but it did and that's actually why he was murdered.

Not because of some Sonic Boom military thing they were working on, but classic revenge. Someone who ended up being jealous because the husband was leaving. A person who probably never thought this would happen to her, but I think all women think that. They think that their husbands won't fail and leave, but the world sadly doesn't work like that. Murder shouldn't be the answer, though, but this was the only thing she wanted to do.

I'm glad Patton's friend, Kayla (who he loved more then a friend, but she didn't return the feelings), wasn't bad after all. More often then not, it seems like the used to be good friend ends up becoming evil somewhere along the line on shows like these. Ok, maybe not a total whole lot, but it seems to happen more then it should. When it doesn't, it's just an awesome way to end an episode and a case.