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NCIS "Reasonable Doubt" Episode Review

There are two witnesses who claim each one did the actual killing and Sr. Dinozzo visits!

Though I'm not sure how much I liked the Sr. story line, I was really enjoying the case itself. Two witnesses claimed that the other one shot the husband/lover.  Even I was with Tony. Thinking it was the mistress who just wanted to blame it all on the wife. But not all is as it seems to be with the case.

It was cute to see Sr. take an interest in something, but I don't enjoy it when a show ends on a sad note. Ok, it wasn't entirely sad, but still, I was hoping that they would end happy. I guess all episodes can't end happy, but still, I wasn't expecting it to end like it did. 

Sr. needed a hobby. Something that didn't involve Tony's work. Could you just imagine how annoyed Tony would be having to work with his father day in and day out? Then there'd be all the secrets he'd have to keep. Not sure if he could personally do it, but that's just my opinion. But it was cute that Gibbs pushed him into realizing that he wanted to help the needy. That'd be a perfect place for him. If it wasn't for this one lady, he wouldn't have realized that he wanted to do that. Too bad it had to end on a sad note with her, but he made her happy, even if she wasn't going to be with him too much longer and even if that meant he was lying about the whole thing. All to give her peace on her death bed.

Aw, poor McGee grabbed Delilah's phone by mistake! Then we learn that he really is planning on asking her hand in marriage! So sweet that this wasn't just a one time thing. Though with that big of a question, I was hoping it wasn't just a one time thing. I'm so glad that they are getting a chance and hopefully nothing messes it up. It seems like lately, couples can't stay happy couples on TV shows. Let's just hope that they will be different.

Wow, Abby was so not Abby the first few minutes of the episode. I guess everybody can have a bad work day. Even one of the most happiest people on the show. Very rarely do we see the angry side of Abby, but we saw it tonight where she was having to do a million things all at once. Girl, I think we've all been there. I know how you feel!

Aw, their case was quite an odd one. Here I thought I had it all figured out only to have it turned completely around! It is nice when that happens. With this show, it sometimes starts to get too predictable, even for me, so for them to throw a story like this into the mix, it was nice to shake things up.

Neither lady did the killing. In fact, the husband did it himself! He had won the lottery a while back and his wife turned into a shopping addict and the lawyer bled him dry. He cut them off and they had a cow. That's when he felt like this was too much. That they has sucked the life out of him and well there you have it. The ladies walked in on their money source dead in a chair. Cooked up a plan to make sure they got the life policy money! Why do most murders have to do with money? Guess that's just sadly the way it is.


  1. I agree, it's always fun to see Senior show up. Robert Wagner is really a superb actor. If you watch him closely, he exhibits little tics and mannerisms that make him come across as exceptionally real. And his 'act' at the end of the episode really sold it. I thought the final FOOF being of Tony standing in the doorway was interesting. He was seeing a new and different side of his dad, as were we.

    And yes, it was fun seeing (yet) another Gotcha episode, where they throw us a curve ball right at the last minute. Which woman killed him? Neither! They used to do that all the time, but as you mentioned, the shows have become a bit more predictable of late. On the other hand, after 300 episodes, I suppose anyone would run out of gas a bit. They're to be commended for keeping it as fresh as it is.

    As for Tony's replacement, here are a couple of links on the subject:

    Personally, under the heading "Don't mess with success", I think it's a mistake to alter the male-female ratio. It doesn't give us guys anyone on the show to relate to. I think a better choice would have been Tony's predecessor, don't remember his name, but he always comes across as likeable and real when he's included.

    As for Weatherly, he's going to be playing a young Dr. Phil on a CBS show called "Bull". When it's cancelled halfway through season 2, he just MIGHT have a small regret or two. How he exits NCIS remains a fun mystery to contemplate, though.

    Time shall tell!


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